HAIM, The Dead Tongues & More | In Review & Out Today

Bust out those Air Pods and crank them up to however many notches feels appropriate!

Technically this was the final full week of June and that is so, so wild to me. Coronavirus straight up ripped half of the year away from us and even though we’re less than a week into Summer, it feels like Fall is right around the corner. But here’s the deal — if you know me at all, you know that I am not mad about anything involving the September through December. Like, fuck it, man, if everything’s canceled then at least give me a cider donut, a pumpkin to carve and some spooky slushy bullshit to watch on TV with the windows open so I can hear those leaves blowing around. But then again, the 15 day forecast shows 80’s every single day so I guess I’ll just set fire to all my sweatshirts because I’ll surely sweat myself to death in the next two weeks.

This week is the first time in a while that we decided not to do a games podcast. There’s been so much going on lately that we felt the need to cover it all as soon as possible but honestly, this week wasn’t as chaotic so it felt like a good week to take a break. But we’ll be back in a week or two with another Party Crashers to discuss that Avengers gameplay, that Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay and that free-to-play Switch game, Ninjala!

Preview of my thoughts: Avengers looks fun as hell. Cyberpunk looks fantastic but almost TOO in-depth for me. And Ninjala is a great time but also makes me want Splatoon 3.

But yo, THE REAL STAR OF THE SHOW is still The Last of Us Part II.

I’m gonna be completely honest with you — this game may end up on my favorite games of all time list. I have never, ever been so invested in a story and I have never cared so much for characters that straight up don’t exist. It’s heartbreaking, beautiful, cruel and all sorts of adjectives that contradict each other and I cannot wait to continue playing. I’m taking my time because I’m enjoying it so much and I’m not sure I ever really want it to end.

But besides games, we also got a new season of The Twilight Zone and even though the last season didn’t blow me away, this one has Sky Ferreira, Joel Mchale, Gillian Jacobs, Paul F. Tompkins, Topher Grace and so many more other people in it so like, I don’t know, maybe I’ll sign up for god damn CBS All Access again and give it another go.

There was also an Adventure Time movie that went up on HBO Max and I thiiiink I still have it for another couple weeks so maybe I’ll watch that when my wife’s not home. Some guys watch weird shit when their wives aren’t home. I watch cartoons.

But yeah, next week I think we’ll definitely have episodes of Bench Points and Funny Business for you and the week after I’m thinking Party Crashers and Modern Classics. I’m gonna work on a bunch of notes this weekend since it looks like it’s going to rain so I’ll have a better idea by Sunday.



HAIM - Women In Music Pt. III (Album)

Mansions - Big Bad (Album)

The Dead Tongues - Transmigration Blues (Album)

Arca - Kick I (Album)

Jessie Ware - What’s Your Pleasure? (Album)

IDK - IDK & FRIENDS 2 (Basketball Country Soundtrack)

6LACK - 6pc Hot EP (EP)

Usher - "I Cry" (Single)

Casey Veggies & Rockie Fresh - "Made For It" (Single)


47th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards (CBS)

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (Netflix)

Home Game (Netflix)

Pose-a-thon (FX)


House of Hummingbird (VOD)

Irresistible (VOD)

Beats (VOD)


Yes, Your Grace (Xbox One, Switch)

A Summer with the Shiba Inu (Switch)

Tower of Time (Xbox One)

Super Toy Cars 2 (PS4)

City Driver Simulator (Switch)

Urban Flow (Switch)

Sudoky (Switch)

As for what I recommend this week — I really loved that first The Dead Tongues but they are a new artist to me so I don’t know what to expect album-wise. HAIM though, yo, all the singles I’ve heard from this new album thus far sound like this will be the best album they’ve ever done. And according to the Pitchfork review I just read, it looks like I’ll be exactly right. I’m very excited to listen to it today. I’ve got a long drive ahead of me today so, perfect timing.

Outside of music though, that new Will Ferrell Netflix movie looks fucking bad soooooo maybe just listen to those tunes this weekend lolololol.

Have a good weekend! Check out Ninjala!