Hayley Williams’ Solo Album & Hulu’s Solar Opposites | This Week In New Releases - 5.8.20

If you’re a fan of Rick & Morty but like dirtier words and stuff, then Hulu’s got your back!

The way I translate time at this point in…time…is how many weeks we are away from the new 1975 album — which, as I write this, is two weeks away. Just two weeks away until my favorite or second favorite album of all time releases. It’s basically going to come down to one question: “is it better than Blonde?”

We’ll see, guys, we’ll see.

This week was a blur honestly — I don’t understand how tomorrow is Friday already because I feel like nothing happened in the last few days — no big releases, the Xbox event was whatever today but, yo, I played a bunch of Persona 5 and I mad 2 million bells in Animal Crossing so THIS WEEK WAS NOT WASTED.

It was a good week for the site also - the Funny Business podcast went up along with brand new intro music, a new structure and a new service that we used to record remotely which gave us some pretty damn good sound quality if I say so myself! I’m really excited about the future of that show — after two years of really solid episodes it feels like we’re finally hitting our stride with the way it’s formatted.

And on top of that, we’re recording Party Crashers tomorrow as well! Also a new intro song, a sliiiightly different structure, but tons of news to talk about! Oh and both podcasts have new logos also!

We’ve also got an announcement coming in regards to The Morning Brew and a returning show as well! Those things are related — but more on that maybe next week!



  • Hayley Williams - Petals For Armor (Album)

  • NAV - Good Intentions (Album)

  • Kehlani - It Was Good Until It Wasn’t (Album)

  • Butch Walker - American Love Story (Album)

  • Little Sim - Drop 6 (EP)

  • Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber - "Stuck With U" (Single)

  • Dirty Projectors - "Lose Your Love" (Single)

  • Gorillaz - "How Far? (feat. Tony Allen and Skepta)" (Single)

  • Kim Petras - "Malibu" (Single)


  • Solar Opposites (Hulu)

  • Spaceship Earth (Hulu)

  • The Eddy (Netflix)

  • Dead to Me (Netflix)

  • Jimmy O Yang: Good Deal (Prime)


  • A Good Woman Is Hard to Find (VOD)

  • How to Build A Girl (VOD)


  • EMMA: Lost In Memories (PS4)

  • Fury Unleashed (PS4, Xbox One, Switch)

  • SuperMash (PS4, Xbox One, Switch)

  • Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition (Xbox One)

  • Mecho Wars: Desert Ashes (Xbox One)

  • Megabyte Punch (Switch)

  • Dark Burial (Switch)

  • STONE (Switch)

  • Megabyte Punch (Switch)

  • Feathery Ears (Switch)

As for what I recommend this week — the new Hayley Williams album is SUPER good but also, a few songs too long. Honestly it would have worked so much better as a 10-12 track album as opposed to 15 - there’s just a bit of bloat there at the end that I think could have been trimmed out to make a more solid, cohesive effort. But regardless, it’s still so good.

I’m also really excited for both Solar Opposites because who doesn’t love an R rated animated comedy and also The Eddy because it’s a television show by one of my favorite directors, Damien Chazelle, who directed La La Land, one of my favorite films. Initial reviews don’t look too promising but fuck that shit, man, HE MADE LA LA LAND.

Go watch La La Land.

Be safe and be well!