How Does Falcon & The Winter Solider Rank Up Against The MCU? | Rosemary Ranks: The MCU - TFATWS

Bartlett still has a a mustache except this time it’s longer and I absolutely still hate everything about it.

Just a couple weeks ago we ranked all of the Marvel films and television shows but now we’ve got a new show that has seen it’s way through an entire season which means it’s time for us to compare it to all of the other properties. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier had a whole lot of a good going for it — much like WandVision, it tackled real life issues head on and caused the viewer to open their eyes not only to injustice within this world of superheroes, but in our own reality as well. But that didn’t come without some missteps — we’ll talk about those and much more in our supplementary episode of Rosemary Ranks devoted entirely to the latest Marvel live action series.

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