Hype In Games Media, Woke on Hulu & More | In Review & Out Today

It’s been a slow week for new releases but with several good reasons.

And somehow we find ourselves within Friday once again.

Labor Day on Monday really threw all of us all off – every day felt like the day before which obviously makes sense but as a result of that, it kind of raced by without a whisper. Thankfully, the gaming industry once again kept things interesting but outside of that, no big releases were waiting for us at the end of the road (Friday) but considering I’m still playing HELLA catch-up, that’s totally okay.

But that brings me to my first point here – I feel like one of the reasons I got into video games and embraced myself within that culture and surrounded myself in all that hype was because it seems like there is always something to look forward to, which is something I’ve always tried to give myself. It seems as though there’s always a game being rumored, a remaster from your childhood ready to make you feel nostalgic, or a release dropping that’s about to occupy 50+ hours of your time. It’s a lot, but in a good way because baste on your personal taste you can choose to take in as much of it or as little of it as you please. Whereas with music, film, etc. it seems like rumors, leaks and releases happen less often, and since those forms of media are much, much shorter in length, it doesn’t cause for as much discussion as a game would. That doesn’t mean that other forms of media don’t invite conversation because they absolutely do, it just seems like much less often.

This week for example, Xbox announced the Xbox Series S (finally), confirmed it’s price of $299 and did the same with the Xbox Series X at a price of $499 alongside a release date for both of November 10th. Just that little bucket of knowledge could induce an hour long conversation about what Sony’s next move is going to be, the prices in comparison to what they’ve done in the past, Game Pass editions, etc. Which, speaking of, I think Xbox nailed this. The pricing is *chefs kiss* perfect. It hits a sweet spot for those that don’t care about 4K, 8K or having the most powerful system ever with the Series S, and then their top-of-the-line system doesn’t exceed $500 which I feel was a very important move for them to make. It’s all good news – plus, EA Play being added to Game Pass and Assasins Creed jumping up a week to be a lunch title? Excellent stuff.

And then we had the Ubisoft Forward event yesterday and honestly, I was quite impressed. Not only did we get a launch window for Roller Champions, some really great gameplay for Immortals: Fenyx Rising and the announcement of the complete edition of Scott Pilgrim vs The World but Ubisoft also announced what is bound to be my favorite game ever created, Riders Republic. You know those people that only play Fortnite or only play 2K or only play Call of Duty, get super good and only talk about and stream that game and that game only? That will be me with Riders Republic. You have my word. This is the spiritual successor to Steep, it’s the Steep 2 that I never got and it’s the only thing I want to play right now. I made a video talking about why I’m so hyped about it alongside all the information you need to know about it so head on over to our YouTube Channel to check that out if you get the chance!

Aside from that, this week also brought us a new beabadoobee single. It’s called “Worth It” and it follows the pattern she started with the first two singles from this forthcoming album by being absolutely fantastic. Fake It Flowers is going to be one of the best albums of the year without a doubt in my mind. It’s only about a month away right now but in the meantime we’re also only about two weeks away from the new Sufjan Stevens record so Fall music lovers rejoice, coronavirus couldn’t stop our ears from being blessed.

Also released today is another single from Matt Berninger’s forthcoming solo album, a new single from New Order titled “Be a Rebel”, a new single from Bruce Springsteen? I guess his ass is back again? Let’s go? And most importantly, James Blake has shared his interpretation of Frank Ocean’s “Godspeed” which he helped co-write. He’s been teasing it for a while but now his version of the beloved track is now available on all streaming services.

Oh, and the new series on Hulu called Woke is also great, as expected. It stars Lamorne Morris (New Girl) who is living in San Francisco as a cartoonist that has an encounter with the police that changes his life. It’s very relevant to what’s going on in our society right now and despite only having watched an episode so far, I have a feeling I’m going to really enjoy it.

So this is the point in these posts where I typically list off all of the new releases that interest me that dropped on a Friday but lately I’ve been thinking of getting away from doing that. Those lists exist elsewhere and the biggest stuff is always on our calendar regardless. And it was never a *complete* list – it was mostly a list of what I liked and what I thought was the most popular. But like, I’d emit anything country and stuff like that just because that wasn’t my focus. So in the end, I thought what’s the point on crafting this like if it’s incomplete and doesn’t offer any substance, y’know? I feel like what’s more important is why it’s on there, why did I include it, why am I excited for it? So for that reason, I think just continuing with the blog aspect of these posts and just talking about what’s releasing on a Friday that I’m anticipating is more fun for me and for you, so let’s do that for a while and see how that goes.

It also seemed like the right week to make this transition because of it being a short week, not much being released and the list I would have made would have been very, very short. It’s also worth mentioning that today is September 11th and we are one year shy of the 20th anniversary of the attacks that happened on this day in 2001 so most companies, artists, etc. probably wanted to stay away from releasing anything on a day that’s often spent remembering what happened and reflecting on our society. If you do choose to do that and you have cable I recommend flipping over to the History Channel as they have multiple specials airing throughout the day.

That’s about it this week – if you live in California, please stay safe and actually, no matter where you live, keep safe as well. Wear masks, be vigilant and find something to look forward to and so on.

We’ve had way too many blues for any more bad news – that’s a Kanye lyric.

Speaking of which, where the fuck is that Kanye album?