I Am The Luckiest Man In All Of Los Santos | Rosemary Plays: GTA Online

If the gas stations in this game had lottery tickets, I would have purchased the entire roll.

Casey and I aren't PC gamers -- I tried it for a little while and as a Mac person, it just wasn't for me. I like every device that I have to be synced up, in the cloud together so I can easily access any of my works regardless of where I am and a gaming PC just didn't fit into that lifestyle. But with that being said, we are envious of everybody that's out here playing GTA RP on No Pixel servers because to us, that's the dream game. A GTA where you don't get shot at every five seconds, where you can meet people, get into weird situations, etc.

So every so often we hop into GTA Online on console and do our best to live that RP life -- we hit the casino, relax on my yacht -- but it never fails that someone finds us and attempts to ruin our fun. But despite that fact, we have a good time, we document our adventures and now we present it to you in all of it's edited glory. Did me putting clips of Ludacris songs and episodes of My Strange Addiction absolutely demonetize it? You bet. Does that matter to me? Not one bit.

Enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCOsInBKGBg