I Found Myself Listening To Forever The Sickest Kids, Send Help | Modern Classics: Episode 2

It was the worst kind of rabbit hole because I secretly kind of loved it but was also kind of ashamed of it.

In the second episode of Modern Classics and like the third podcast I’ve recorded in three days (with one more to come later today) Jared and I argue about where the best place to hang out in your house is, reflect on our WINNING Workaholics Halloween costumes that we wore one year where Jared became “The Jers” and then I swear we eventually talk about music — such as new releases from Yeek, Really From and a new single from Brockhampton that seriously knocked me on my ass. Then we discuss nostalgia rabbit holes, doing deep dives on bands you haven’t listened to in a while and then we each pick an album that we deem a Modern Classic and close the show with what upcoming new releases we are excited for — except it’s like..two albums. Because, y’know, covid.

Listen Now: ➡️ http://pods.link/rsmrymedia