I Have A Theory About This Taylor Swift Album

Maybe we're all in for a treat after all.

So I'm not NOT a Taylor Swift fan. In fact - I enjoy a large portion of her material in what used to be a guilty pleasure but now I just kind of own it. I can admit when one track is bad and another bangs - it is what it is and I am who I am. I remember working at FYE when Speak Now came out and thinking to myself "wait, do you actually fuck with this?" That album just straight up had some really well written pop songs and I appreciated them for what they were.

Fast forward to the release of Red - once again, jams all over that thing. And the icing on the cake, "All To Well" existed within that album and I promise you it's the best song this woman will ever write. Outside of mainstream pop music and what you'd expect an artist like her to create, that track was pivotal in her growth as a songwriter. From there we had 1989, my personal favorite album of hers, where she began linking up with Jack Antonoff to accompany her writing with a sort of 80's synth style that complimented her like no sub-genre had before.

I'm not really going to talk about Reputation though - that album was like a