I Used To Go Here, Washed Out & More | In Review & Out Today

A new movie in 2020? No way! Who has ever heard of such a thing!

Remember when PlayStation was on a roll and didn’t have any hiccups as far as presentations were concerned? Well, depending on how you look at it, they may or may not still be in on that roll. Yesterday at 4:00 was PlayStation’s latest State of Play Event and they tempered our expectation immediately when they announced it by saying that no big PS5 reveals were going to be shown and they would be focusing on some PS4 games and revisiting a couple PS5 games. So I guess we got exactly what they said we were going to but at the same time, it wasn’t very exciting. As we head toward next gen, we want that new new — we want price, we want release date, we want surprises. Anything else is better suited for their YouTube Channel, Twitter, etc. Buttttt, I guess it’s also good exposure for these smaller indie devs so it is what it is, I suppose. I just want to get my pre-orders in. Getting real antsy over here.

But anyways, it’s Friday, let’s do this thing.

  • Fall Guys is fantastic. It’s fantastic for small burst of gameplay — if you’ve only got 10-15 minutes to play some games, or it’s good for hours of entertainment. I can’t wait to see what they do with it going forward and what else they can possibly add but even in it’s 1.0 state it’s perfect. Some server issues, but those are to be expected — this game is fun by yourself, with one friend, two, three. If you have PlayStation Plus, download it. If you don’t, pay for it. I have yet to read or hearer watch one person be like “nahh, not for me” because that’s IMPOSSIBLE.

  • An American Pickle is streaming on HBO Max now — it dropped yesterday and I’m not currently subscribed to the service but I’m debating signing back up just to watch this movie. It’s Seth Rogen so fuck it, y’know? Maybe it’ll be worth it. Maybe it won’t. Maybe I’m willing to take that risk.

  • So I bought my first bottle of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte creamer this week and have had pumpkin coffee the last couple days which MAY be premature but at the same time, the last couple days it’s been like 50 degrees when I woke up so it’s also kind of fitting. The problem is that by the time October hits I’m over pumpkin spice already so I’m just gonna take it easy, I think. Maybe every other bottle. Maybe I’ll just jump right into fucking sugar cookie creamer because that’s on the shelves already too.

  • I also put some plants on my desk. They’re fake but they make my space feel a little more adult and a little less, thirteen year old's bedroom.

  • Muppets Now on Netflix is good stuff but you know what’s even better? The Muppets show that was on ABC from a few years ago. I watched it each week when it was on but now I’ve got my wife on it and she is super into it. It was so well written, funny, just so good. Highly recommended.

  • Episode 30 of Funny Business is being recorded tonight! We are eating ten different Little Debbie snacks and ranking them because apparently we’ve lost all self control. The podcast started as being mostly about pop culture — tv, movies, etc. and it’s absolutely still about that but it’s also just as much about beer, candy and snacks. And I’m totally cool with that. This episode should go up on Podcast services at some point on Saturday.

The new shit:


Washed Out - Purple Noon (Album)

Amine - Limbo (Album)

Popaan - FIXTAPE (Album)

Duval Timothy - Help (Album)

Lil Keed - Trapped on Cleveland 3 (Album)

Beabadoobee - “Sorry” (Single)

Blink 182 - “Quarantine” (Single)

Bully - “Hours and Hours” (Single)

FINNEAS - “Let’s Fall in Love for the Night (1964)” (Single)

Joji & Diplo - “Daylight” (Single)

Juice WRLD & The Weekend - “Smile” (Single)

Cardi B - “WAP” (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) (Single)


Howard (Disney+)

The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Kids In Space (Netflix)

Work It (Netflix)

Word Party Songs (Netflix


I Used To Go Here (VOD)

Out Stealing Horses (VOD)

The Secret Garden (VOD)

She Dies Tomorrow (VOD)


Marvel’s Avengers Beta (PS4)

Fast & Furious: Crossroads (PS4, Xbox One)

Horizon Zero Dawn (PC)

RogueCube (Switch)

Fast & Furious Crossroads (Xbox One, PS4)

HardCube (Xbox One)

WarriOrb (Xbox One)

City Bus Driving Simulator (Switch)

Wordify (Switch)

As for what I’d recommend this week — I plan on checking out both the Washed Out and Amine albums today. Hoping for great things from both of those since I’ve enjoyed the singles I’ve heard thus far. I’m also 100% absolutely checking on the Avengers Beta. Actually really, really, really excited about that. I’ve always been a fan of games like Destiny but couldn’t get into the lore but you give me that same type of game but in the Marvel universe — something I’m familiar with — then I think we have a winner. Especially with constant updates, new characters, etc. Let’s go.

Oh and that Beabadoobee track is fucking fantastic. Her album is out in October and I’m pretty positive that it’ll be one of the best things to release this year.

Also planning on watching a few things this weekend. On top of the Seth Rogen movie I mentioned earlier, I’m also planning on checking out I Used To Go Here to Yes, God, Yes. Will report back.

That’s it, I suppose.