I Wanna Be The Very Best, Like Jason Segel | Rosemary Radar

Please don't let me down, last week of February.

Here's the deal - this week is filled with a bunch of things that could be super enjoyable or they could be total busts. I have no idea, you have no idea but, man, Netflix Gods, please do what you can to please me this week. It's looking like a busy week for me work-wise so to be able to come home, pop off my pants, pour myself something sweet and have something solid to sink my metaphorical teeth into, that'd be real, real great.

First up, on Tuesday we've got this Pete Davidson standup special that I'm excited for. I was actually supposed to see that son of a bitch in Syracuse last year but he backed out a week before the event for who knows why. But essentially, I'm assuming whatever jokes I would have heard from him is more or less what's going to be included in this special. My wife and I like him - we're big SNL fans and love any time he shows up on Weekend Update so I really hope he puts together something humorous.

Then on Wednesday we've got this I Am Not Okay With This series that's quite intriguing. It's like if you mix End of the Fucking World with Stranger T