If You Don't Like Star Wars, There's Nothing To See Here (New Release Friday)

Check out all of the biggest releases dropping today!

First off, let me just apologize for the fact that we won't have a big Christmas episode of Funny Business this year. We tried - like, we tried every week from Thanksgiving to now, but our schedules never matched up during this busy time of the year and we didn't want to do half-ass it and have one of us not present - all or nothing! So we're going to have to skip it this year - the episode we had planned was essentially some short news leading into Star Wars predictions and talk of Christmas traditions. Instead, we're just going to do an episode in a week or two that'll have our impressions of The Rise of Skywalker and our favorite things of 2019.

Speaking of which, I have seen The Rise of Skywalker and that's about all I'll say at this point, lololol. Truthfully, I need to let my expectations expel into a galaxy far, far away and accept the movie for what it was and see how that sits with me because as of right now I'm...indifferent.

But anyways - let's take a look at what's out today.


Young Thug - So Much Fun (Album)

Vince Staples - "Hell Bound (Ad 01)" (Single)

Mest - "Don't Worry Son" (Single)

The Front Bottoms - "Camouflage" (Single)

Bombay Bicycle Club - "Racing Stripes" (Single)


Celebrating Marvel's Stan Lee (ABC)

Pick of the Litter (Disney+)

Togo (Disney+)

The Witcher (Netflix)


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker




Cold Silence (Xbox One)

Aery (Xbox One)

60 Parsecs! (Switch)

Farabel (Switch)

Dreamball (PS4)

Soccer Pinball (PS4)

The Inner Friend (PS4)

Unit 4 (PS4)