It’s (Maybe?) The First Ever Podcast Hosted By Two People Named Corey | Party Crashers: Episode 44

Guys, E3 is literally like three weeks away and I’m getting so excited that I want to freeze myself like Cartman did when he was waiting for the Wii.

The newest episode of Party Crashers is available now! In this episode, myself & Corey (HK) discuss what The Coalition is up to and whether or not them helping out on Halo Infinite production is a good or bad thing, free-to-play games and whether or not Ubisoft’s shift toward them is the right move, some E3 updates (like Konami backing out but a bunch of others signing on) and much, much more. Also, just a side-note — the only reason we recorded the entire episode without Bartlett was because he told us he wasn’t going to be available but then by the end of the episode, we call him to ask him a question and he was literally at home eating ice cubes (seriously) the entire time.

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