It’s Rosemary Radio But It’s Also Kind of The Morning Brew? | Rosemary Radio: Episode 4

Casey’s back to his old habits — like saying he’s going to check something out, not doing it, but instead just watching trash to pass the time.

The fourth episode of Rosemary Radio is available now exclusively on our YouTube Channel! In this episode Casey returns in a sort-of rebirth of The Morning Brew and we’re talking about the origin of Dr. Pepper, whether or not refried beans are actually twice fried, Casey’s semi-completed novel, Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album, what we expect from NBA 2K22 and much more. Then, for old times sake, I give Casey a Buzzfeed quiz to find out what “It Girl” that he is, we both exchange recent traumatic events and then we cap things off by watching the trailer to Netflix’s new dating show “Sexy Beasts”.

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