It’s Time For Our Regularly Scheduled Marvel Hype Check | Rosemary Radio: Episode 3

Eternals looks so good that it’s going to make me read a million pages of a comic book series in just a few months.

The third episode of Rosemary Radio, our only video podcast, hosted by myself & Kevin Murray, is available now exclusively on our YouTube Channel! In this episode we talk about why I feel incapable of most adult-like duties and why I’m apparently still a child, the new Eternal's teaser trailer and the MCU's updated slate of films and TV shows after that hype ass trailer they dropped on us a couple weeks back. Then Kevin fan casts the upcoming Fantastic 4 movie in two different ways (because why would he only do it once?) and then I search for an answer as to what I’m supposed to do with all of these leftover Memorial Day hot dogs.

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