It's Time To Go On A Journey | Rosemary Radar

The first big release of the year for those that don't fuck with DBZ!

First off - RIP Kobe. A father, a husband, a legend in the sport of basketball and someone that had a controversial past but focused the rest of his life on being a better person and working with the youth as a mentor to better his community and the sport he loved. So regardless of how you feel about him, it's a sad situation mostly because a wife, three daughters and many others that looked up to him are now left with a giant void in their lives from not only his passing, but the passing of his daughter as well who was on her way to making just as big of a name for herself by following in his footsteps - not to mention the other families that were involved in the crash as well.

It's a terrible situation but something that will bring us all together in one way or another.

So looking forward - it's an alright week - despite the cloud that hovers above it.

Today we've got the PlayStation 4 DualShock Back Button hitting shelves and Justin Bieber's YouTube series starting, tomorrow we've got what looks to be a delightful little game called Journey To The Savage Planet releasing and on Thursday we've got the series finale of The Good Place to look forward to.

Looking at the weekend there's new albums from Police and Lil Wayne dropping on Friday as well as that Taylor Swift documentary that I'm obviously interested in. Then this weekend, obviously we're all excited for the biggest sporting event of the year - the Puppy Bowl!

Nah, for real though, the Dog Bowl.

Nah, for real though, the Cat Bowl.

Nah, for real though, the Kitten Bowl.

Okay, but seriously, the Super Bowl. But can you believe all of those things also exist though? Wild.