Let's Discuss Perfect Movies & Whether or Not Elon Musk Is A Turd | Funny Business: Episode 37

Oh, and if you’re confused about what a “platinky” is, it’s when you can’t read the word “platinum” on a bottle because you’re a big dumb bitch.

The newest episode of Funny Business is available now and for the first time in, shit, I don’t know, maybe six months we are back in the same room! Although, upon editing this podcast I am noticing that maybe my dining room isn’t the best place to record these things because you can totally hear the humming of my refrigerator and that may be an issue going forward lololol. But anyways! In this episode, myself, Kevin, Shawn and Matt discuss Dogecoin and whether or not we actually trust the rally it’s been on, Elon Musk hosting SNL and whether or not that’s good or bad, Hulu ordering a full season of How I Met Your Father, the return of movie theaters and much more. Then we all pick movies that they think are executed perfectly, such as The Sandlot, the epitome of a perfect movie, then we list what we like to put on our white rice and, as always, answer a Would You Rather question, a conversation starter and talk about some upcoming new releases.

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