Let’s Talk About Manchester Orchestra, Brockhampton & More! | Modern Classics: Episode 3

But most of all, let’s talk about the fact that Jared is out here straight up clowning on my boy Sufjan and how much I do not appreciate it.

In the third episode of Modern Classics, Jared and I talk about how when you’ve been mixing a song for a while you eventual absolutely hate everything about it, then I ask Jared where all of his Pokemon cards are in hopes of making couple thousand dollars — we also find out that Jared has no idea how to use an iPhone and then we finally talk about some music stuff including new albums from Brockhampton and Manchester Orchestra. We also dive into some broader topics such as if music festivals are really returning this year and why everyone’s releasing deluxe albums. Then, as always, we each pick an album we deem a Modern Classic and close the show with what upcoming new releases we are excited for.

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