Marvel Studios - Phase 4 and Beyond!

They aren't stopping - pretty much ever.

San Diego Comic Con 2019 is not a thing of the past and the biggest announcements we got out of the event, of course, came from the Marvel Studios panel where they spoke of everything that is on the way as far as Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in concerned. And not only that - but we essentially got a glimpse into what Phase 5 is going to consist of as well and honestly, that's probably the most exciting news of all.

Let's take a look:

Black Widow (May 1st, 2020)

Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Fall 2020) [Disney+]

The Eternals (November 6th, 2020)

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (February 12, 2021)

WandaVision (Spring 2021) [Disney+]

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness (May 7th, 2021)

Loki (Spring 2021) [Disney+]

What If...? (Summer 2021) [Disney+]

Hawkeye (Fall 2021) [Disney+]

Thor: Love and Thunder (November 5th, 2021)

This is all very exciting - Black Widow finally getting her own movie is long overdue, The Eternals should be an amazing addition - as will Shang-Chi. And this Doctor Strange film being the first Marvel horror movie is so, so intriguing. I can't wait to see how fucked up that thing will be.

But what's interesting about this is that during the panel they mentioned 11 different projects in Phase 4 but only 10 were discussed. They also mentioned Blade being rebooted in the MCU with the character being played by Mahershala Ali but that movie hasn't even started pre-production yet so that's most definitely a Phase 5 film. We also got a mention of X-Men and Fantastic Four making their debut in this universe but once again, those films haven't even begun yet so we're looking at Phase 5 for those as well.

Alongside those we also know that we're getting Black Panther 2 and Captain Marvel 2 - so one of those could end up in Phase 4 lineup but again, without any sign of them beginning work on them yet, they're looking more like 2022 films.

So what about Guardians of the Galaxy? Honestly, that one throws such a wrench into everything because I feel like at one point, this was supposed to come out prior to Thor: Love and Thunder (which sees the return of Natalie Portman!) but with all of the drama going on with Gunn, the film was put on hiatus. Then once he picked up Suicide Squad on the DC side of things, he knows has a commitment with that film and cannot even begin work on Guardians 3 until it wraps. So now we probably aren't getting Guardians until Phase 5, after Thor 4 is released which I think they may be scrambling to figure out how to make that work.

The reason for that is because of where Thor ended up at the end of Endgame - still fat, alongside the Guardains, ready to take on space and time. I feel like releasing Guardians before Thor was essential because we needed that transition film before another standalone. We'll see how they handle this in a couple years, I suppose.

So that leads us to Spider-Man - the film I think was missing from their slew of announcements and with logical reasoning - it's a Sony film. Sure, Marvel has been allowed to announce them during their panels before but maybe Sony wanted to own this one. They also wanted to see if the movie would break a billion at the box office and since it did - they may just now be looking at where to take Spidey in his third go-around. But if they stick to their every-other-year release schedule, I could see us surely getting a new Spider-Man film within Phase 4 sometime in the Summer of 2021.

Regardless of what happens, what a ride it is going to be.

Let us know in the comments what you guys are most excited for!