Moses Sumney, Perfume Genius & More | This Week In New Releases - 5.15.20

Oh, look, two of the best albums released so far in this crazy, wild year.

What a fun week — in the eyes of someone that plays video games, that is. We started the week off with a Summer Game Fest announcement — one that started to look like it was a remake of the first two Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games and hooooly shit was it ever just that. Honestly, on a list of dream announcements for me, this one was in the top ten. My wife and I both grew up playing these Tony Hawk games and to finally be able to play them together, working through all of the challenges and high scores — it’s a dream come true.

Next we got a look at Unreal Engine 5 which is going to take games to the next level in the years to come and even though what we saw was just a tech demo of a game that doesn’t even actually exist, it was still extremely impressive and I’m extremely excited to be along for the ride.

THEN we got the official announcement of PGA Tour 2K21 - which, just like with THPS, I grew up playing the Tiger Wood’s PGA Tour games so this was a welcomed addition to my collection. I just hope I can get other people to also pick it up so I can smoke them online.

Then finally, yesterday, out of absolutely nowhere, Nintendo dropped the trailer for Paper Mario: The Origami King on us — we heard rumors of a new Paper Mario game but never did anyone think we’d just be graced with a trailer on a random Thursday morning at 9 AM. But let me tell you — I am not mad about it. Not even a little bit. Because this game looks like it is absolutely my shit. The art style, the comedic approach, the scope of all of these different worlds — just give it to me now. Once again, even in an off year, Nintendo might have my two favorite games of the year. Wild.

And lastly, we got a twenty minute look at Ghost of Tsushima — a game I was indifferent on, mostly because the samurai genre wasn’t something that has ever appealed to me previously but after yesterday, I have to say, I’m sold on it. Goldfarb, you fucking did it. You convinced me. From the color of the leaves, the way the wind, birds and foxes push you in the direction you need to go to the fact that I can throw this game into a black and white grainy-ass film mode, in Japanese with English subtitles — fuck off, okay, let’s go.



Moses Sumney - grae (Album)

Perfume Genius - Set My Heart On Fire Immediately (Album)

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Reunions (Album)

Charli XCX - how I’m feeling now (Album)

Future - High Off Life (Album)

Jerry Paper - Abracadabra (Album)

Slowthai - “BB (BODYBAG)” (Single)

OK Go - “All Together Now” (Single)

Biffy Clyro - “A Celebration of Endings” (Single)

LANY - “good guys” (Single) Migos - “Racks 2 Skinny” (Single)

Katy Perry - “Daisies” (Single)

Lemon. - “when I met you (feat. Sean Leon)” (Single)


Fury Files (Disney+)

The Great (Hulu)

There Greatest #StayAtHome Videos (CBS)

The Last Narc (Prime)

Magic For Humans (Netflix)

She-Ra and the Princess of Power (Netflix)


Scoob (VOD)

Castle in the Ground (VOD)


Dungeon of The Endless (PS4, Switch)

Pong Quest (PS4)

Tacticool Champs (PS4)

EMMA: Lost in Memories (Xbox One)

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix (Switch)

Fault: Milestone One (PS4)

Thy Sword (Switch)

The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED] (Switch)

Kakuro Magic (Switch)

As for what I’d recommend this week — straight up, two albums. Moses Sumney and Perfume Genius. If you do anything this weekend, let those records accompany you. They are truly going to end up being two of the best albums to be released this year and are perfect place holders for the next week while I continue waiting for the new 1975 album. Thank me later.

Enjoy yourselves!