My Favorite Albums, Games, Films & Television Shows of the Year That Was 2020 | EOTY 2020

It's time to say good riddance to 2020 and reminisce about the things that made it at least a little bit tolerable.

We don't need to go into any specifics as to why 2020 was a trash fire -- we all lived it, we all watched the news, we all scrolled through out Facebook timelines -- we know what, who and why everything was terrible. But with that being said, there were silver linings placed all throughout thanks to the entertainment industry not being able to press pause even during a global pandemic -- or not having to, rather. Despite having to stay indoors for the majority of the year, indoors is where our televisions, record players and home consoles exist so we were still able to listen to new albums, watch new stories and play new games. Hell, if you want to spin this even more positively, had it not been for this pandemic some of the things we received we may not have received at all -- looking at you, Taylor. Some artists, businesses and content creators used this time to pivot and do something out of the norm and we as fans were more than accepting of these fresh takes.

2021 should be a good year -- a better one than 2020 was, that's for sure, because instead of the feeling of impending doom there's actually a light at the end of the tunnel and the return to normalcy actually feels like a possibility. But before we get into all that could potentially make 2021 great, as always, I wanted to look back at all of those bright spots that we indulged in during the year that's now in the rear-view and rank them according to what my favorites were.

So here is my EOTY (Everything of the Year, keep up) for the year 2020, broken down by albums, games, films and television shows. Check it out and let me know in the comments what your favorites were!