New Release Friday (6/28/19)

Ain't no maker like a Mario Maker 'cause Mario Maker comes out today.

Super Mario Maker was one of the best ideas for a game on one of the most unsuccessful consoles in recent memory. That's not exactly a match made in heaven and for that reason many people expected Nintendo to eventually just port the game over to the Switch and give it a second life but instead, we got the next best thing - a sequel. Everything I've seen about this game calls it exactly as it is - perfect. Just a brilliant idea that thrives on it's flawless execution. I'm counting down the hours until I can invest some time into this game this weekend. Expect some first impressions during The Morning Brew on Sunday. Until then - let's talk about what else we've on our plates today.


Daniel Caesar - CASE STUDY 01 (Album)

Ingrid Michaelson - Stranger Songs (Album)

J Balvin & Bad Bunny - OASIS (Album)

Kim Petras - Clarity (Album)

Clairo - "Closer To You" (Single)

Violent Joy - "Indian Summer" (Single)

H.E.R - "Racks (feat. YBN Cordae)" (Single)

Lucy Dacus - "Forever Half Mast" (Single)

Korn - "You'll Never Find Me" (Single)

Grace VanderWaal - "Ur So Beautiful" (Single)


7SEEDS (Netflix)

100% Julain Edelman (Showtime)

Dope (Netflix)

Exhibit A (Netflix)

Family Business (Netflix)

Instant Hotel (Netflix)

Motown Magic (Netflix)



Anabelle Comes Home

Three Peaks




Super Mario Maker 2 (Switch)

F1 2019 (PS4, Xbox One)