New Release Friday (9/13/19)

Let's cause some mayhem, y'all!

It was a pretty uneventful week, to be honest. But I suppose that's not really a bad thing considering I had a bunch of 2K to catch up on and I found myself playing Super Metroid and A Link To The Past on my Switch for more hours than I'd ever like to admit.

But really, other than the Apple Event there wasn't too much to talk about. Sure, there was the Tokyo Game Show going on and we got over an hour of new Death Stranding gameplay but yo, I don't speak Japanese so what we were watching LOOKED cool, but I'm waiting for a dubbed version so I can hear the explanation of what I'm seeing. But you'll hear us talk more about that during The Brew this week and on the next episode of Party Crashers - Alex is gonna have a lot more to say about it than I am because he's a maniac.


(Sandy) Alex G - House of Sugar (Album)

Charlie XCX - Charli (Album)