New Release Tuesday (5/13/19)

It's time to RAGE for the second time!

The most important thing being released today is obviously RAGE 2 - a clear step-up from the gamethat came before it and one that's scoring quite well currently on Metacritic. My only complaint here is that there isn't a co-op option although I do appreciate any team sticking to a single player game in 2019.


  • What's My Name: Muhammad Ali (HBO)

  • Still Laugh-In: The Stars Celebrate (Netflix)

  • revisions (Netflix)


  • Fighting With My Family

  • Happy Death Day 2U

  • Cold Pursuit

  • Apollo 11

  • WWE Wrestlemania 35


  • Rage 2 (PS4, Xbox One)

  • Cytus Alpha (Switch)

  • Sniper Elite V2 Remastered (PS4, Xbox One, Switch)

  • A Plague Tale: Innocence (PS4, Xbox One)

  • Rock Of Ages II: Bigger And Boulder (Switch)

  • Figment (PS4)

  • Blades Of Time (Switch)

  • Darkwood (PS4)

  • Redout (Switch)

  • Feudal Alloy (PS4)

  • Evil Defenders (Switch)