New Release Tuesday (8/27/19)

This Tuesday is about to get out of CONTROL.

Puns are fun. And apparently so is Remedy Entertainment's latest offering, Control. I've been a huge fan of Remedy ever since I first played Alan Wake back in the day but I unfortunately chose to pass on this game. The past couple years I've kind of been in the mindset where I feel the need to purchase every new game because I have to at least try them. I want to play it first hand to give my impressions on it and have an opinion but just recently I've realized that's not exactly worth it. A $60 game is a $60 game and seeing it as I have such limited time to play them as it is, when I've got NBA 2K20 next week, Borderlands 3 the week after that and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening the week after that - not to mention tossing Gears 5 and Blair Witch on Game Pass in there too - it's just too much. I won't be able to keep up and I'm just going to accept that. Maybe I'll get a chance to check it out at some point, but I'm happy just watching some Twitch streams instead.

With that being said though, reviews have been great so far - same goes for Astral Chain which I'm in the same predicament with. However, I am going to make an exception for Knights & Bikes which I was ever so kindly sent a code for this morning so since that's a much shorter, indie title I think maybe I can squeeze in some time with it. I hope so, that is - because it looks wonderful.

Oh, and obviously Wreckfest which we already talked a bunch about. The game rules even though it's unfriendliness to partying up with friends to play online is INCREDIBLY frustrating. Unforgiving, really. The game plays so well but just trying to play with a friend shouldn't feel like a chore. Still fun. Just..ugh.



John Wick: Chapter 3

The Secret Life of Pets 2

Godzilla: King of Monsters


The Devil You Know (Viceland)

Games: Wreckfest (PS4, Xbox One)

Control (PS4, Xbox One)

Knights and Bikes (PS4)

The Bard’s Tale IV: Director’s Cut (PS4)

Collection of Mana (Switch)

Crystar (PS4)

Decay of Logos (PS4, Switch, Xbox One)

Hunt: Showdown (Xbox One)

MXGP 2019 (PS4, Xbox One)

Trine 1-3 (Switch)

Whipseey and the Lost Atlus (PS4, Switch, Xbox One)