Nintendo Announces The Switch Lite - But Do You Need It? (Because I Do)

Say goodbye to all of my money but hello to my backpacks favorite road trip buddy.

Well, what do you know? As of yesterday, Nintendo has officially announced the Nintendo Switch Lite (which should have been named the Lite Switch because obviously) and I just wanted to say that ATODASO.

That’s a Trailer Park Boys reference - keep up.

I predicted this back on February in an article I wrote title “Why I Think The Nintendo Switch Mini Is Coming” which you can read here and MAN does it feel good to be right. And I know, I know - the rumors were out there - we all knew it was a possibility and everything but the timing of it all lines up perfectly with what I had said so let me just brag for a second, okay?

Anyways, it’s exactly what I expected it to be - a smaller, single piece of hardware with a slightly longer lasting battery life, no detachable joy-cons, no way to dock the system, no HD rumble or IR sensors and only supports titles that can be played in handheld mode - which I think has to be like, 99% of them, right?

It just makes sense. Like I stated in my previous prediction, Pokemon is about to launch their first generation of the long-running series that isn’t on a dedicated handheld device since the 3DS family of systems is basically dead and Nintendo wants to solely focus on the Nintendo Switch instead. However, a $300 price point is a hard sell to Mom & Dad this Holiday season - especially when there are a large majority of kids that mostly play games handheld. This fits that demand - a $200 entry-level device that plays the new Pokemon games as well as the rest of the vast library of games that already exist on the system.

So should you purchase one? If you already have a Switch and don’t feel bogged down by it’s size, already take it places with you without a problem or on the opposite end, only play it docked - probably not. It isn’t exactly necessary when you already have a variation of the system that has $100 worth of extra features.

However, if you aren’t a Switch owner and the lower price tag is appealing to you and you were completely happy playing your 3DS games handheld, then this might be the system for you.

Or, if you are me, and like to find excuses as to why you need something and justify it with a reason that you think qualifies as legitimate - you may want this simply as a secondary console to the Switch you already own. I play my current Switch mostly docked - I feel weird bringing it along with me anywhere because I fear breaking it, losing it, or something else happening and I don’t like to take those sort of risks in my life. It’s also always just felt a little too big to travel with - but a smaller Switch that’s not as expensive I can throw into my bag and play Stardew or Mario Maker on the go? Sign me up!

Regardless, this was a no brainer - the question now is, are they going to improve on the current Switch model next year and give us the Switch Pro with the updated graphics, hard drive, battery, etc?

Only time will tell, nerds.