No Man's Sky: Beyond Patch Notes


Guys! It's finally here - No Man's Sky is as close to an MMO as it can possibly be - well, actually, I won't say that because a year from now I'm sure we'll get another update that blows the doors open on this fucking game yet again. But until then, here we are with what's being referred to as No Man's Sky 2.0. Check out the patch notes below, install the update and I'll see you out there!


  • Our most requested feature: you can now play the entirety of No Man’s Sky in Virtual Reality without compromise.

  • Switch seamlessly between VR and standard gameplay. Continue from an existing save to revisit favorite planets, bases and creatures in full Virtual Reality.


  • Multiplayer sessions can now accommodate more explorers. The Space Anomaly can hold 16 players on all platforms.

  • Throughout the rest of the universe, the maximum player count has increased from 4 to 8 players on console, and from 4 to 32 players on PC.

  • Virtual Reality and standard mode players can be seamlessly matchmade into the same multiplayer session.


  • Missions and tutorials have been significantly revised. The early game has been streamlined and focused to better teach players new mechanics, particularly in VR.

  • New story content has been added to weave together the existing strands of the Atlas Path, the journey of the Space Anomaly, and the story of Artemis.

  • Substances, crafted products, new technologies and other curiosities are automatically added to the new Catalogue when first encountered. A rework of the Pinning system allows players to get detailed step-by-step instructions on how to find or build any item in their Catalogue.

  • Guidance features throughout the game have been dramatically improved, including auto-highlighting of relevant crafting requirements and better messaging of context in complex missions.


  • Ambient encounters with other explorers are now represented with full character models, allowing players to see each other’s character and ship customization. Surviving, building, and exploring together is richer and more immediate than ever.

  • Use the Voice & Networking interface to group up with any explorers you encounter.

  • PC players can use an expanded chat interface to control group options and manage communications.


  • The Space Anomaly has been transformed into an all-new social hub. This unique communal space exists across all systems and galaxies, giving all explorers an opportunity to see each others’ character and ship customisations, meet new friends, and undertake missions together.

  • The Space Anomaly’s powerful teleporter allows explorers to easily browse and visit each others’ bases directly from the Anomaly.

  • The Teleporter will also feature exceptional bases created by members of the No Man’s Sky community, bringing visitors from across the stars to see the best bases in the universe.

  • Explorers who have encountered the Anomaly now have the ability to summon it in space.


  • Multiplayer missions are now initialised from The Nexus, located aboard the Space Anomaly. A large set of unique missions is currently available – including a new style of mission – Base Construction.

  • Group up with other explorers – friends, or random encounters – to undertake missions for Nada and Polo and earn rewards.

  • Nexus mission rewards will soon include Quicksilver, to unlock special customisations and building parts from Polo’s robotic companion.


  • Blueprints are now visualised through unlockable technology trees. Learning new crafting recipes is now clearer, more interactive, and more rewarding.

  • The Blueprint Analyser has been transformed into an advanced Construction Research Unit. Players may now choose their own research paths, and more clearly visualise their research progress. Even more base parts are available aboard the Space Anomaly.

  • Visit the technology specialists aboard the Space Anomaly to purchase enhancements for Exosuit, starship, Multi-Tool and exocraft technology.

  • Unlock freighter and frigate technologies from the freighter bridge.

  • Learn product recipes at specialist research trees in planetary facilities.


  • Explorers can enjoy longer stretches of uninterrupted mining with less frequent and less aggressive sentinels, and a reworked overheat mechanic for the Mining Beam that rewards pushing heat to the limit.

  • Ship controls and space combat balance have been improved.

  • Inventory limitations have been relaxed, allowing explorers to carry near-unlimited quantities of mined substances. The inventory UI has been revised and improved.

  • A large number of quality of life issues have been addressed, and new recipes and technologies have been added to alleviate grinding.

  • Examples include: large specialist Warp Cells; being able to move installed technology; being able to install technology in stages, similar to repairs; adding additional ramps to the Space Station; adding Mining Beam upgrades that increase resources gained; adding starship technologies that automatically recharge the Launch Thrusters; and restoring Carbon Planters.


  • The Discovery Page has been overhauled and expanded for a more intuitive interface, and to display alien flora, fauna and mineral discoveries in greater detail.


  • Specific buildings are now located via a system of Planetary Charts purchased from a Space Station Cartographer.

  • Purchase charts for nanites, or exchange your own navigation data for new charts. Earn data by charting the buildings that you discover as you explore.


  • Information on the Galaxy Map is more concisely displayed, with clearer text, icons, and navigation.

  • On PC, mouse-based navigation of the map has been improved.


  • The HUD and user interface has been completely remade for Virtual Reality, to ensure every interaction available in the game feels natural and built for purpose.

  • Slip directly into your Exosuit, and manipulate and manage your inventory directly from your wrist.

  • 2D menus such as shops are rendered on an in-world, “diegetic” user interface, navigable with intuitive point-and-click style interactions.


  • Specialist Polo and Priest Entity Nada have welcomed 12 new Traveller friendsaboard their home. Each has their own role to play – from Iteration Helios, the ancient dreamer, to Iteration Ares, avid collector of exotic goods.

  • Return to these Travellers each day to experience a range of interactions, missions, and nanite-earning opportunities.


  • More than 60 new dialogues are available from alien NPCs encountered in planetary facilities, featuring mini stories and missions.

  • All existing alien NPC dialogues have been revisited and enhanced.

  • Animations have been improved, with aliens exhibiting more appropriate moods from the start of conversations.

  • Dialogue boxes have been improved, to more clearly distinguish between descriptive text and dialogue.


  • Alien NPCs will now walk around, and interact with elements in their environment, such as chairs, panels, and other NPCs. There is also now a richer mix of NPCs on Space Stations.

  • NPCs will also respond to gestures from explorers.

  • Some alien NPCs may be encountered on the planet surface, with new unique sets of dialogues.


  • Alien language learning has been enhanced, giving explorers a choice of what category of word to learn.

  • New auto-translator tech is available for the Exosuit, to translate a small number of unknown words.

  • More than 700 new alien words have been added to the dictionary, and very similar word variations, such as plurals, are now learned together in groups.


  • Tame creatures with bait, then mount and ride them to explore planets from a new perspective.


  • Tamed creatures may also be peacefully harvested for a variety of cooking ingredients, such as milk, eggs, or ‘edible clusters’.


  • Encounter 10 new varieties of harvestable flora on every planet surface.

  • Harvest raw cooking ingredients from plants and creatures, and experiment in the Nutrient Processor to discover more than 300 delicious recipes.

  • Create bait to tame creatures.

  • Consume your creations for a boost to your Exosuit, or present them to Iteration Cronus aboard the Anomaly for culinary critique and potential rewards.


  • Planetary bases can now be powered by fueled biogenerators, or self-sustaining solar panels.

  • Wire up powered parts to the grid, and experiment with 5 varieties of logical switch to direct the flow of power.

  • Create brilliant light and sound displays or complex contracptions involving sphere generators and short-range teleporters.


  • The game has been heavily optimized throughout, improving performance in every area of the universe. In particular, players on lower-end PCs will enjoy significant framerate improvements, and the game now supports integrated Intel graphics cards.

  • Planetary and freighter bases now have multiple levels of detail (LODs), to increase rendering speed in large, complex bases.

  • Shaders are now loaded in as required, rather than up-front, reducing the game’s initial load time.