Onward! Toward Swamp Doggs & Amazing Stories! | New Release Friday

Call in to work today - there's too much shit to watch.

Listen, I'm not traditionally into the Fantasy genre but there's something about Onward (probably because it's Pixar -- definitely because it's Pixar) that just makes me want to watch it. It's probably warm and fun and pretty sad in the best ways. I'm probably going to see it tonight - you'll find out on Funny Business or The Morning Brew (which will both be recorded this weekend) when I give my first impressions!

As for everything else - Swamp Dogg and Cassino both have albums dropping today I'm interested in and this new Apple TV+ show, Amazing Stories, is definitely something I want to look into as well. And if none of that interests you, toooons of shows started up on FX and FXX this week so check those out! Better Things, Dave, Breeders - they're all pretty great and again, I will discuss them further on the podcasts this weekend.

Don't miss Funny Business. by the way - we're ranking Girl Scout Cookies. It's gonna be a blast.


Swamp Dogg - Sorry You Couldn't Make It (Album)

Cassino - Yellowhammer (Album)

Jhene Aiko - Chilombo (Album)

Megan Thee Stallion - Suga (Album)

Porches - "Patience" (Single)

HAIM - "The Steps" (Single)

Hamilton Leithauser - "Isabella"

Brockhampton - "SUGAR (Remix) [feat. Dua Lipa]" (Single)

Jason Isbell - "What've I Done To Help" (Single)

Grouplove - "Youth" (Single)

Rich The Kid - "Red" (Single)

Lil Uzi Vert - "That Way" (Single)

Demi Lovato - "I Love Me" (Single)

Katy Perry - "Never Worn White" (Single)


Amazing Stories (Apple TV+)

Hillary (Hulu)

Into the Dark: Crawlers (Hulu)

Guilty (Netflix)

Paradise PD (Netflix)

Spenser Confidential (Netflix)

Ugly Delicious (Netflix)

ZeroZeroZero (Prime)

Steven Universe (Cartoon Network)

The Most Dangerous Animal Of All (FX)



The Way Back


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX (Switch)

60 Seconds! (PS4, Xbox One)

Pathalogic 2 (PS4)

Afterparty (Switch)

Save Koch (Switch)

Swordbreaker The Game (Switch)

Breeder Homegrown: Director’s Cut (PS4, Switch)