Ori Is Here To Keep My Attention Until Animal Crossing Takes Over My Life | Rosemary Radar

I'm fully expecting Ori and the Will of the Wisps to get 8's and 9's across the board.

Okay, yeah, Ori looks adorable and it's going to be fantastic and I cannot wait to play it this week but my wife and I legitimately sat on the couch for an hour last night watching gameplay videos of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. At this point, nothing else matters but that. Like, man, Ori looks so good but I'm only going to have like ten days with it until I shapeshift into an Animal Crossing character so I simply know my time with it is limited.

Also it's worth noting that Kidding on Showtime ended last night and believe me when I say to you that season two of Kidding is one of the best seasons of any television show I have ever seen in my life. That's not an exaggeration. The way everything wraps up, that finale, phenomenal. Plus, Ariana Grande? Tyler The Creator? The show spoke to me like no other.

This week though, Spring Baking Championship, y'all! My love for baking shows is NO secret if you listen to The Morning Brew and the Spring one is one of my favorites. These bitches can bake.

On Tuesday, Uncut Gems is out on DVD & Blu-Ray - definitely check that movie out if you haven't already but also on Netflix, Marc Maron has a new standup special that I'm excited to check out. Marc Maron can be pretty hit or miss for me but I genuinely really do like him so I hope he pulls off a good one.

Wednesday, Ori, what else can I say? This game is going to make some game of the year lists even with the tough competition it's obviously going to have.

MLB The Show 20 has it's MVP Edition releasing on Friday which is HUGE because that means baseball season is HERE. Sure, Spring Training has been going on but honestly there's still snow outside and I can't really watch baseball while there's snow on the ground - something about it just doesn't feel right. I need sun and grass and shit and I feel like that's going to happen juuuust as the season begins in a week and a half.

Oh and the new Porches album is going to be lovely - everyone needs to check that thing out also.