Palm Springs, A Sufjan B-Side & More | In Review & Out Today

Summer vibes on the tube and a delightful dreamscape in the holes of your ears.

It was pretty much in the 90’s all week and I will never understand you people that prefer Summer of the sweet, sweet embrace of Fall into Winter. Psychopaths, you all are. It’s so hot that I can’t even be outside because even if I stripped every inch of clothing off my body I’d still be sweating like a ham. If I could rip my skin off I would, but I can’t. And then you have Fall - just toss on a sweatshirt of a flannel. Or winter - just grab a beanie and a jacket. Here’s the deal, on our honeymoon my wife and I went snowboarding up in Canada in negative degree weather and I would take that over this hot garbage any day.

But with that being said, there were at least some bright spots this week.

  • The Xbox Games Showcase was finally announced - July 23rd we’ll get our first look at what games we’ll be playing on the Xbox Series X this Holiday and beyond. I’m pretty excited for it, honestly. I need to see more of Halo Infinite. Anything else tha