Panic Announces Playdate Handheld Console

It's strange but it's also glorious.

Panic, a software company known for making Mac and iOS software, has announced a brand new portable console called Playdate that will be launching sometime in 2020. It is essentially a Gameboy inspired device with a directional pad, two face buttons and a crank on the side that will be used to play specific games. The idea was to make something fun that you can fit in your pocket and bring you a new experience over and over again. To do that they plan on launching the system with twelve games but will be launching them slowly, one week at a time, for twelve weeks to constantly give you something to look forward to.

They are asking other developers to continue working on games for the device as well so they can continue to launch new titles once it is in our hands. No official release date has ben revealed but we know that it will cost $149.