Phil ’n Tucker Share Their Coronavirus Anthem & We Announce A Brand New Podcast | Rosemary Exclusive

These boys weren’t going to let a pandemic stop them - instead, they were going to let it inspire them.

Happy Saturday, everybody! Today, we are happy to share with you the debut single from newly-formed country duo, Phil ’n Tucker, entitled “2020 Vision”. Currently only available on YouTube, “2020 Vision”, in the words of Tucker himself, is “an uplifting ballad” that he hopes will “unite Americans during this difficult time as a nation”. When I reached out to Phil ’n Tucker I asked them to describe themselves and their mission statement in the release of this track and they had they this to say:

“We’re just a couple Blue Collar boys from the Dakotas that are too pretty to work on the oil rigs so we’re trying to make a name for ourselves in Music City, USA.”

"2020 Vision" can be heard below or at the following link: ➡️

But that’s not all!

Back when we first heard a lick of this song through unnamed sources we knew we had to get these fine gentlemen on one of our shows to discuss their greasy past and their star-studded future so we reached out to them in order to do just that. To our surprise, they happily obliged, however, we couldn’t quite figure out which show they were best suited for so the idea has been on the back-burner ever since our virtual handshake.

That’s when I got to talking with Logan Patenaude and Adam Coursen, longtime friends of mine and the rest the Rosemary family and they mentioned their interest in starting a podcast of their own. So it’s two birds, one stone, as they say - next week, we will be debuting the very first episode of Logan & Adam’s brand new podcast under the Rosemary Media banner, Say Hello to Fun Time, where they will take a deep dive into the albums and artists that shaped their way into every band they’ve ever been in and every record they spin to this day. Half of their show will be dedicated to music reflection and loosely based discussions and the other half will focus on shining a spotlight on a new artist on their rise to stardom - starting with Phil ’n Tucker.

So make sure you subscribe to Rosemary Podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud and most other podcast services so you don’t miss their debut episode when it premieres on Tuesday, April 21st at 9 AM EST.