Phoebe Bridgers, The Last of Us Part II & More | In Review & Out Today

Phoebe is our queen and we will listen to her album a billion times today while smashin' clickers heads in.

Another week down means another week’s worth of new music and video game news and not much else in the world of pop culture. Movies and television are all at a stand still, nobody knows what’s going on with sports, and we’re still socially distancing and wearing masks and not doing anything outside at the risk of, well, death.

Oh wait! Speaking of sports, we debuted a new podcast this week! I produced (and chimed in on/kept score during) our brand new NFL/Fantasy Football podcast hosted by Kevin and Bartlett. It was tons of fun! I look forward to continuing to do those as the football season draws near. If that even happens. But check that podcast out - it’s on all the feeds now!

So. Last night was EA Play Live - EA’s live event where they typically go over a bunch of sports titles, which they did, BUT THEY ALSO.....


Sure, they didn’t say “Skate 4” specifically but that just means that they don’t wanna land on a title yet and maybe they’re considering rebooting the franchise instead. Either way, IT DOESN’T MATTER. The last four or so years of my life, this is all I’ve been asking for. If you go back and listen to the Party Crashers podcast starting with literally episode one, you’ll hear me talking about it. And every episode since then. Sure Skater XL is about to come out but the skateboarding game I dream of, unfortunately needs to be made by a AAA studio with lots of money behind it. It needs a certain kind of depth that would take a small independent studio a decade to make. Mind you, they mentioned this game is in its early stages so we probably won’t see it until 2022-2023 but that doesn’t even matter. Because it’s happening. It’s actually happening.

Also this week, Session finally landed on Xbox Game Preview but um, yeah, read the previous paragraph to find out why that doesn’t really matter so much now.

Somebody pinch me. Man. Anyways.

On top of that, cool Pokemon shit happened! The Isle of Armor, first part of the Pokemon Sword & Shield expansion has officially been released on the Nintendo Switch and I’ve literally not had the time to play it yet with all of these podcasts and events going on but I plan to dive in a bit this weekend!

But that wasn’t even the best of the Pokemon news - New Pokemon Snap is a thing that exists now and that’s the BEST news. What a wild ride that’s going to be playing that game again - photography and Pokemon, who can complain?

Oh, and Cyberpunk 2077 got delayed again. JEEPERS.

Okay, but anyways, let’s look at what else is coming:


Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher (Album)

Bob Dylan - Rough And Rowdy Ways (Album)

Teyana Taylor - The Album (Album)

Jason Mraz- Look For The Good (Album)

Japandroids - Massey Fucking Hall (Live Album)

Anderson. Paak - “Lockdown” (Single)

KYLE - “Bouncin” (Single)

Swear Lee - “Reality Check” (Single)

Raury - “Take Back The Power” (Single)

John Legend - “Bigger Love” (Single)

Alicia Keys - “Perfect Way To Die” (Single)


The Politician (Netflix)

Rhyme Time Town (Netflix)

Disclosure (Netflix)

Father Soldier Son (Netflix)

Feel the Beat (Netflix)

Floor Is Lava (Netflix)

Lost Bullet (Netflix)

Dads (Apple TV+)

LOL: Last One Laughing Australia (Prime)


Babyteeth (VOD)


The Last of Us Part 2 (PS4)

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters (PS4, Switch)

Radio Squid (Switch)

Burnout Paradise Remastered (Switch)

Railway Empire (Switch)

Hard West (Xbox One)

Supper Soccer Blast (Switch)

As for what Id’ recommend this week, here’s the deal, I know it looks like I listed quite a few things on that TV list but I straight up don’t know what ANY of it is outside of The Politician - which I know is a Ryan Murphy joint but haven’t decided if I’m actually gonna watch it or not. So if you do find yourself in front of a TV this weekend, I hope it’s because you are playing The Last of Us Part II because god diddly damn I’m so excited for that game. I truly haven’t been this excited for a game in months. Maybe all year. I needed this.

Besides that, guys, please, for the love of absolutely everything in this world...listen to the new Phoebe Bridgers album. It’s one of the best things you’ll listen to all year, she’s one of the greatest song writers of our generation and if you choose not to listen to it than lolololol for you.

Have a good weekend!