PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders, Super Mario 3D All Stars & More | In Review & Out Today

You have limited time to secure the bag but you absolutely must secure that bag.

What a whirlwind of a week. I feel like every single day this week there was something going on worth being excited about and because of it, once again, the week escaped us all and now we are left with just a Friday. Friday’s are obviously good days — it means the weekend is upon us — but at the same time, Fridays have always also felt like a day of reflection where we look back at the week that we wrapped up and toss is it up as successful or unsuccessful based on what we accomplished.

Well, I’m not sure I accomplished much but I had fun doing it.

There was a lot to watch this week - Football is back, obviously, and the Giants stunk up the field on Monday night for myself and the rest of the world to watch. There were moments of brilliance but those were outshined by the Steelers defense as well as some amateur-level mistakes. But most of all, the Giants still don’t have an offensive line so Thick Boy Jones is out here having the same problems that plagued Eli for year — the mans got no time to make a play. There is no pocket. This is not sustainable.

We Are Who We Are also premiered on HBO this week and I am absolutely HERE for this show. It’s quirky, indie, weird, and just kind of one of those slice of life type of shows where I doubt any serious storylines are going to happen throughout this season, but I’m happy to be along for the ride. This is from the same director as Call Me By Your Name and it shows — he has a specific style and great taste in an accompanying soundtrack.

Halloween Baking Championship also came back and if you know anything about me, you know I love that shit too.

Speaking of, I also baked a couple things this week myself. I made a pumpkin loaf on Sunday that was top ten best things I’ve ever created in many medium, period. And also Wednesday was my wife’s birthday so I made her a mini chai spice cake as well which was also wonderful. I’m becoming a regular Duff (whatever his last name is).

A new Sufjan Stevens single dropped on Tuesday and that man just can’t be stopped. He’s 3/3 on these tracks and my expectations and hype level for this new album coming next week could not be higher. Listen to “Sugar” if you haven’t already — it’s a perfect “transition into Fall” type of song.

Also on Tuesday was the Apple Event with, as expected, didn’t contain any new phones but did show off new Apple Watched (which I ordered), a new iPad line and they surprised us with the launch of iOS14 which I am loving thus far. Just enough customization was added to make your device feel catered to you and only you and I appreciate that. Certain apps can be installed as widgets and expanded in size to take up more room on your home screen such as music, podcasts and news and the additions to group chats were very welcome as well.

Oh, I forgot about something else that was available to watch but O haven’t actually watched yet — The Devil All The Time. The new Netflix film that Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson are in. My wife and I plan to watch it tonight and I have a feeling I’m going to love it. Somehow Tom Holland haas jumped to the top of my favorite actors list — and yes, there is a list — so even mores than the film itself, I’m highly anticipating his performance most of all.

So THEN — in the midst of trying to celebrate may wife’s birthday, there was a PS5 event that showed off the new Spider-Man game, the reveal of Final Fantasy 16 and the long-awaited Harry Potter title, and of course, gave us the price and release date of the console. But the fucked up thing is, shortly after in a blog post, not only was the actual launch lineup revealed, which was not discussed during the event, but it was also announced that pre-orders would go live the very next day. That caused hella panic, but nothing compared to what would happen when most retailers began jumping the gun and dripping them early. Luckily enough, Megan is an understanding person and allowed me to tap out of our dinner conversation for five minutes to SECURE THAT SYSTEM. Which I did, and I was able to send out the info to a few friends so they could do the same. So, the PlayStation-sized bag is secured. Next up: Xbox. Will report back next week.

As far as some stuff that’s coming out today that I think you should check out — nothing much to watch, truthfully — just find the time to slip in The Devil All The Time and We Are Who We Are if you can, but today is mostly about video games and music.

Video games first — the Super Mario 3D All Stars Collection is out today and despite most people being bummed out that this isn’t a full blown remastered package, I can’t wait to play these games again (or for the first time — Sunshine). I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this package and honestly, had this not leaked months and months ago and we weren’t given all that time to make guesses, hopes and assumptions, I don’t think everyones underwear would be so tight right now. Had they remastered these titles, we’d be getting them separately at $60 each and I’m not about that. I want to play these games as they originally looked, just enhanced, and that’s what I got. This is going to help me a lot in my ever-continuing quest to list my favorite games of all time. Do I add Super Mario 64? Is Super Mario Galaxy rightfully ranked? We shall see.

And for music — you have to listen to the new Gus Dapperton album today. That man is on another level with this one and I fully expect after listening to it today, for it to be a top-ten contender come December. The full blown acceptance of acoustic guitars on the four tracks released so fairlead me to believe he’s just GOING for it on this record and this is the exact sound that best suits him.

ON top of that, we’ve got new singles from Deftones, Justin Bieber featuring Chance the Rapper and Porridge Radio. I’ll be checking those out today as well as all of these singles from the upcoming Avalanches album that got announced for December. I love their last go at it and I hope this one holds up.

That’s pretty much it! We’re probably recording at leaast 2-3 podcasts next week so be on the look out for those. I have many notes to write. Also might do a couple streams this week to play some of WWE 2K Battlegrounds which came out today that I forgot to mention. I’ve played wrestling games my whole life so I couldn’t make this exception. Seems like a fun game to play on stream. So maybe I’ll dust myself off and attempt it.

No promises.

Good luck with your PS5 Pre-Orders! Follow Wario64 on Twitter! Love!