Pokemon Press Conference Announcements

This was a wild one. It truly felt like a Saturday Night Live skit about Pokemon press conferences.

Last night, The Pokemon Company held a press conference focusing on their current business strategy and it was filled with a couple cool announcements and a couple crazy ones that nobody expected - and I don't exactly mean that in a good way.

Let's run through a list of what was announced:

  • Detective Pikachu is coming to the Nintendo Switch in some sort of sequel.

  • A new Pokemon Center is coming this Fall in Shibuya.

  • Pokemon Quest is coming to China via NetEase.

  • Pokemon Home was announced which allows Pokemon players the ability to transfer their Pokemon across games and services such as Pokemon Go, Pokemon Bank, Pokemon Let's Go and the forthcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield.

  • An extension of Pokemon Go that seems to work as a completely separate app called Pokemon Sleep was announced which registers how much you sleep during a night and rewards you by capturing Pokemon in that time.

  • A new device that will track that information for you as well capture Pokemon through Pokemon Go called the Pokemon Go Plus Plus was announced - an upgrade to the Pokemon Go Plus that currently exists.

  • A new mobile game called Pokemon Masters is being developed by DeNA which looks to be some sort of turn-based battling game.

It's also worth noting that the coolest announcement, Pokemon Home, featured an image that definitely gives us the impression that the only game in which you can send Pokemon to is the upcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield. All the others can only be transferred from them to Pokemon Home - not from Pokemon Home to them. So this is mostly going to be used as a way to beef up your roster of pocket monsters this fall.