Pokemon Sword & Shield Initial Reactions

Excited yet indifferent.

Alright guys, so now that we've received our first look at the next generation of Pokemon games, Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield, I decided to throw together some of my initial thoughs based on what we saw.

Let’s get started:

  • The game looks exactly what I expected it to look like - an HD version of where the 3DS games left off with the same overall aesthetic of the Let’s Go games. It’s not what we want, but it’s what we expect from Game Freak. In order to launch a new generation every couple of years we can’t expect them to give us the “Breath of the Wild”-esque game that we crave. I’m not even sure they’re capable of it based on the size of the company alone. Overall, it looks fine and on brand with the product they have created and certain scenes actually looked really beautiful for the art style we art working with.

  • I really just want a game that truly is in the third person perspective. It doesn’t look like we have control of the camera at all which is a giant disappointment. Being the first game released of a new generation of Pokemon on home consoles I had hoped they would step it up and put us behind our character rather than having to continue to deal with a fixed camera and a lack of control.