Pokemon Sword & Shield New Details Revealed

Things seems to be heading in the right direction.

A Pokemon Direct aired yesterday that gave us a new look at a bunch of new features that will be included in Pokemon Sword & Shield when it launches on the newly-revealed release date of November 15th.

As always, you'll start your journey alongside your rival, this time named Hop, the younger brother of the Galar regions Pokemon champion, Leon. A new feature in the game called Dynamax allows a Pokemon to increase to a gigantic size in order to increase the amount of damage that they can impose.

The Wild Area was also announced which will essentially serve as an open-world hub within the game where you can interact with other players, take part in raids and catch wild Pokemon that will change depending on the weather, day and time that you are in the area. It was also revealed that Pokemon will exist in the overworld, contrary to what the first trailer led us to believe. You will also have the ability to control the camera behind your character with a second joystick for the first time ever.

New legendary Pokemon were revealed as well - Zacian, the sword Pokemon, and Zamazenta, the shield Pokemon will be the mysterious pocket monsters you'll be seeking within this title. Other additional Pokemon that were revealed are Wooloo, a sheep, Carviknight, a dark bird, Drednaw, who bites real hard, and Gossifleur, a flower Pokemon.

Head on over to the Sword & Shield website for additional information and screenshots.