Rosemary Radar (10/7/19)

I told you that cool shit didn't stop once September started and you didn't listen.

It's pretty insane that from now until the end of the year things just don't stop being awesome. So many shows, so many movies, so many games, so many albums.

Speaking of albums, I keep hearing all these reports about how we're on the brink of some surprise album releases in October which makes perfect sense since the cutoff for Grammy nominations is sometime in November. Fingers crossed for Bieber and Kendrick!

If you haven't noticed, I spent all weekend (and am currently in the process of) changing over all of our logos, banners and other assets on the website. I felt the need to rebrand a little - everything felt a little mis-matched and unfinished and I wanted everything to look more uniform and consistent. I'm pretty happy with the new design - fits that blend between modern design and vintage colorways that I had been looking to achieve. The new intro and outro videos are great also - you'll see that in some upcoming videos. Now I just want to focus on the website a little more - change up the layout a tad, clean everything up - you know, the tedious stuff nobody will even notice but me.

I didn't see Joker this weekend and I'm still mad at myself for it but we had a lot going on so it is what it is. As of right now the plan is to see it on Wednesday and then we're going to jump right Into a new episode of Funny Business and The Morning Brew on Saturday and Sunday so I'm sure I'll have a lot to say about it.

As for this week, Concrete Genie on Tuesday is what I'm most excited for. The game just downright looks gorgeous and I can't wait to try it out in person. I just hope the painting mechanic is actually fun and doesn't just feel mad tedious. I'm hearing the review embargo doesn't lift until launch day which is a real bummer but I really hope this does well. On top of that - this side scrolling Yooka-Laylee game looks fantastic also. Although, I know for a fact I'd be terrible at it so I'm not even gonna bother with that one.

Toy Story 4 and Midsommar release on DVD & Blu-Ray on Wednesday - I'm holding out on Toy Story because what I really want is a really cool complete collection toy chest looking ass set and I haven't seen that yet. Which is fine - I don't need it until I have a child that's able to pay attention so we've got some time.

Midsommar though - I want to watch that this week. Spooky SZN, y'all. But I also wanna watch Child's Play.

Time. There isn't enough of you.

Rhythm & Flow premieres on Netflix on Wednesday - I don't have high hopes for this but I love Chance and Cardi B so I think it'll at least be entertaining. We'll see - maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.

On Friday we exist in a world where there is more Breaking Bad - somehow. A movie, sure, but with Vince Gilligan behind the boards it's probably going to be incredible. On top of that, we've got a new season of Costume Quest on Amazon Prime Video which is a show inspired by one of my favorite little Halloween games of all time and also, Are You Afraid of the Dark returns to Nickelodeon and my expectations are low, low, low because it's Nick so it's probably aimed at a much younger demographic than I am but fuck it, I'm gonna give it a shot anyways because nostalgia!

Then there's that Blood Orange record that comes out on Friday where Dev tries his hands at Classical music and that's probably going to be beautiful so WATCH OUT EOTY 2019 LIST.

Fun stuff. Let me know what you're excited to play in the comments below!

Have a good week, everyone!