Rosemary Radar (2/25/19)

Toe Jams & Japanese Houses!

Well, the Oscars were last night and they were okay - the lack of a host let the focus really be on the nominated movies which was nice. I also agreed very much with the majority of the decisions that the Academy made as far as winners were concerned - however, I did not see The Green Book so I can't really comment on whether or not that was the right choice. I did think that it was a pretty weak year in film, though. Not that the movies nominated weren't good by any means but it just felt like there weren't those couple standouts like there have been in previous years - no perfect 10's, y'know? Just a lot of 8's and 9's. But oh well, I've got high hopes for this year in all forms of media so hopefully we have a really solid show in 2020.

Anyways, some bullet points for this week:

  • I spent all weekend watching Golf and MLB Spring Training - it feels weird that Spring is so close as I feel like this year is already flying by. Excited for both though - hoping Tiger wins big and the Yankees season ends in a World Series run.

  • I lied - I didn't spend all weekend watching things - only about 50% of the time because the other 50% was spent playing Anthem. I'll have a lot to say in the next Podcast we do about this game but the gist of it is that this is my favorite game of the year so far and I am having a blast with it.

  • Vice Live starts on Vice Land tonight and I'm very intrigued by it. This is clearly Vice's solution to losing Desus & Mero but still wanting to maintain a regular late night audience. I'm pretty sure this thing is also like two hours long which is insane me - I'm curious how they plan to fill up that much time and also how I'm going to watch this, Kids Baking Championship and Monday Night Raw all at the same time. DVR, that's how.

  • Really excited for Trials Rising to come out on Tuesday. On Friday night I decided I wanted my wife to try the Beta out because I felt like it would be something she would like and boy, was I right.Any game where you are fighting for a high score or a best time puts you in this "one more try" mentality and Trials does it better than any other.

  • Ralph Breaks the Internet also comes out Tuesday. I teared up at the end of that movie - Disney knows how to hit that emotional chord. It's a little bogged down and not perfect but it's still so, so good.

  • Better Things is back on FX on Thursday! This is such a special little show that I feel doesn't get enough love so definitely check it out if you get the chance.

  • The Division 2 Open Beta starts Friday - I played the Private Beta and it was a ton of fun and basically sold me on the game already so I'm not sure that I'll play it again unless some other friends want to give it a try and need a partner.

  • ToeJam & Earl: Back In The Groove also comes out Friday but I'm going to wait for reviews on this one. I'm just not sure how good it's going to be - it looks fun and I love the art style but I'm playing it safe.

  • And most importantly - The Japanese House releases their (her? I never know how reference an artist name that is actually a single person) first full length album this Friday. Its called Good At Falling and I fully expect it to be in my top ten or even five albums of the year when 2019 in said and done.

And my recommendations for this week:

  • I haven't spent a lot of time with it, but I definitely like this new Gary Clark Jr. album more than his last one - the man is just terribly talented and deserves all the attention this release will bring him.

  • New Kehlani album is pop and R&B at it's finest. I don't get how this woman isn't bigger than she is right now - she hits a perfect sweet spot missing in today's top 40 radio.

  • Obviously my recommendation on what you should watch is the new season of Desus & Mero on Showtime. This new budget and the fact that they only have to do one show a week is letting them branch out and do things they could have never done on Viceland and I'm excited to see everything that they are capable of.

  • And lastly, like I stated earlier in this post - I really, really love Anthem. Disregard those negative reviews and give it a shot for yourself because I think it's wonderful.