Rosemary Radar (3/11/19)

It's Christmas time in Washington!

Isn't it amazing how each and every week there are multiple things to be excited about? Time seems to move so quickly when you are constantly anticipating something and lately the days have been flying by faster than I can ever remember. Anyways - let's look at the week ahead.

  • The Division 2 is finally releasing this week and it's one of the first new games I'm actually purchasing for Xbox One in a long, long time. Typically I buy my games for the PlayStation 4 since that's my main console but since nobody I really knew on that platform were getting The Division 2, I opted to pre-order the Deluxe Edition for Xbox this time to play with a few guys on there. I'm pretty excited to pick it up tomorrow - I loved the first game, the Dark Zone is really fun and it just feels really good to play - and obviously, there's Christmas decorations everywhere which is a HUGE plus.

  • ABC is airing their first sort-of "sample" episode of Videos After Dark on Tuesday - this is essentially America's Funniest Home Videos for adults and it's hosted by Bob Saget. This basically sounds like Tosh.0 and I am hella curious as to what it'll actually look like. The fact that Saget is hosting is so hilarious to me.

  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker DLC is out Thursday! I think it's so rad that they are putting out DLC for a port of a game that came out so many years ago. They already included co-op which me and my wife are STOKED about but now giving us new levels to play is such a nice treat. We don't deserve you, Nintendo!

  • Arrested Development Season 5 Part II on Friday. I wish I was more excited, honestly. I really love the first three seasons and even didn't hate the fourth but by the time the fifth had been released it had just kind of fallen out of favor for me. The show was ahead of it's time but now with the advances of other programs on television these days, it doesn't hold up quite as well. But! Maybe this will be more of a return to form. We'll see.

  • David Fincher's Love, Death & Robots is also out Friday on Netflix and that is something I am v v v v excited for. Animated short films for adults that are only like 10-15 minutes long for my silly ass short attention span? Sign me up! I plan on spending my St. Patrick's Day weekend crushing that first season.

And that's pretty much it - honestly, I'm hoping for a surprise album release this week just like Solange was a couple weeks back - I like the Yeah Yeah Yeah's but I have not been into what I've heard from this Karen O & Danger Mouse album.

Also, Casey and I are starting a new show on Twitch - it'll be kind of a freeform podcast where we'll just be talking over a static image about our weeks, what we've been doing, some news stories we've read and just talking to the chat. It's a rebranding of The Morning Brew and it will be live on Twitch Sunday mornings around 8 AM. We hope to do our first on this weekend so stay tuned!

Have a good week!