Rosemary Radar (3/18/19)

Spider-Men, doppelgängers and twice-dying shadows!

Welcome to another week! It's almost Spring and I'm getting antsy - while I do love winter and think it's probably my favorite season, the best part about living in Upstate, New York is that you get to experience a different feeling every three months or so - and right now I'm anticipating playing golf, skateboarding barbecues and other outdoor activities. Oh and Baseball season.

Some short house keeping - please consider heading over to our Patreon page and becoming a Rosemary Premium member. I haven't posted much about it yet as I haven't had the time to really write up my "pitch" but it would mean the world to us if you contributed. It's only $5 a month and it makes it so that we can keep doing what we're doing and then some.

Also, Casey and I's first episode of The Morning Brew will be this Sunday around 8 AM. If that changes, we'll let you know but as of right now that should be the plan. We're looking forward to it!

Also, GDC is this week - let's see that Borderlands 3 reveal!

Anyways, let's discuss this week's recommendations.

  • For music, it's just a couple singles that were released on Friday because no big albums were actually released last week. But the first track released from Anderson .Paak's new album is wonderful as per usual and so is the latest from Gus Dapperton. Both will be on next month's playlist but make sure to check them out asap.

  • As far as what you should watch - Love, Death & Robots is interesting. I don't know that I love it thus far but I think I at least like it? The first one didn't grab me but their getting better as they go on and the fact that each one is very different from the next means as one ends I'm curious as to what the next one will entail. Definitely intrigued.

  • You should absolutely play The Division 2. So far, it's excellent - tons of things to do, a very "checklist" type of game much like any other Ubisoft game and I mean that in the best way possible. Not since Breath of the Wild have I felt such a "what do I want to do today?" feeling from a game every time I boot it up. Do I want to take out some control points? Gather supplies? Main missions? Side missions? Make my way into the Dark Zone? I love that it's completely up to me and the game doesn't force you to do things in a specific order. Highly recommended and tons of fun.

And now let's talk about the week ahead:

  • Spring Baking Championship tonight! My wife and I love these 9 PM time slot baking shows on the Food Network and are ready to watch some professionals instead of these kids from the Kids Baking Championship. I wanna be wowed again.

  • My favorite film of the year, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse comes out on DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K on Tuesday and I can't wait to pick up my steelbook from Best Buy. Everybody should watch this movie.

  • Also on Tuesday is Google's GDC conference where we will finally get our first look at what their game console is going to look like, how it will work and what kind of games it is going to feature. I can not wait to see what they have to offer.

  • American Football, Strand of Oaks, Jenny Lewis and La Dispute all release albums on Friday and I'm pretty interested in each of them. I don't know if any of them will be in my top ten of the year but top twenty? Possibly.

  • Sekiro: Shadow's Die Twice comes out Friday and while that means nothing to me, I know a lot of people that are excited about it so I'm excited for them. I can't wait to see how it does review-wise, it's just not my style.

  • And most importantly, this Friday Jordan Peele's latest film, Us, hits theaters and I am ecstatic. Get Out was fantastic and this one looks to be even more spine-chilling. My wife hates scary movies and the trailer alone for this one frightens her to no end but she said she would watch it with me so expect us to talk all about this one during the next episode of Funny Business and most likely on The Morning Brew this Sunday as well.

That's it - should be an exciting week. Hope you're all recovering from St. Patrick's Day and ready to watch some NCAA Basketball!