Rosemary Radar (3/4/19)

Captain Marvel is here, y'all!

What a week last week was. Let's hit some bullet points and then move into what's coming this week, shall we?

  • I feel like the website re-design is finally nearing completion - it looks a little bare in spots so right now I'm just slowly filling things out to make it look more complete but at the same time trying to keep it as minimal as possible - it's a difficult balance to perfect.

  • We recorded the newest Funny Business podcast last week with a little bit of a new run-of-show. I gave each of the three guys their own segment and dropped the "main topic" in favor playing some games and having more casual conversation - less business, more funny. That episode is available now - just click the podcasts tab to listen now.

  • We're recording the Party Crashers podcast today - I've got a new way I want to do that show as well - once again, abandoning the main topic and leaving more time to discuss news and what we've been playing. Any time we have an idea for a specific segment we're going to record that as it's own separate video for YouTube.

  • Trials Rising came out last week and we are all having a blast with it - meaning everyone here at Rosemary Media and also my wife. It's a terribly addicting game and I'm excited to dive more into it throughout this week.

  • Working on a new solo EP and also a new Rushmore single - been spending a lot of time and money on new plug-ins and equipment to give me a brand new, refreshing sound and I'm finally getting to a place where I'm happy with the results I'm seeing.

  • Check out the features tab to see my thoughts on the Pokemon reveal last week - it may seem overly negative but I promise you I'm still really excited for the game. It still could end up as my favorite game of the year.

  • March playlist is up - some really fun music on this one.


  • My recommendations this week for music are my current favorite album of the year - The Japanese House's Good At Falling and Solange's surprise release When I Get Home.

  • My game recommendation is obviously Trials Rising and the thing I think you should be watching this week is the latest season of Better Things which started last week.

Now, let's look at the week ahead and everything I'm excited for:

  • Two new Vampire Weekend songs are being released on Wednesday and I couldn't be more excited. It's probably my most anticipated album this year outside of an always potential Frank Ocean project.

  • AP Bio and Superstore come back this week which makes for a pretty stackedup Thursday of cable television. Between those, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, You're The Worst, Broad City and The Other Two, Thursday's are busy busy.

  • Apparently Costume Quest is getting turned into an Amazon Prime animated show? I had no idea but I'm instantly excited because those two games are truly two of my favorite games of all time due to my love for holidays. I hope it holds up.

  • Devil May Cry 5 comes out this week but I never got into that series so I don't care too much - I'm sure a lot of people do though so I'm excited to watch some streams of it.

  • And most importantly, Captain Marvel comes out this Friday. I'm really, really excited for this one as I'm curious how it's going to set up for Endgame and I also adore Brie Larson and can't wait to see her in this role and in this universe.

That's it for this week - have a safe and good one, everyone and I hope you listen to the Party Crashers podcast once it gets posted either tomorrow or Wednesday. Thanks for reading!