Rosemary Radar (4/22/19)

It's time for the endgame. And a Schoolboy Q album.

Good morning! I hope everyone had a great Easter and that dumb bunny left you all the Cadbury eggs and Peeps that your heart and tummy desire. I’m gonna be honest, it felt suuuuper weird not doing a Morning Brew yesterday due to the Holiday. We’ve gotten into such a habit of doing those every Sunday that it’s one of the things I look forward to most throughout the week. Plus, guys, Dreams finally released last week in Early Access and I don’t think Casey has played anything but that in the last five days and he has so, so much to say about it. So get excited for that next week!

In the meantime, let’s talk about what I really loved from last week:

  • New albums from Tallest Man On Earth and Gus Dapperton were released on Friday and honestly, both are just so enjoyable in completely opposite ways. Gus’s music is a bit more upbeat and cheerful despite the lyrical content where listening to The Tallest Man On Earth is like jabbing a knife into your heart (in the best way possible).

  • Even though my favorite game that I played last week is very obviously Dreams, I copped out and made that my recommendation last week so instead I want to throw in Katana Zero - a delightful 2D action platformer with incredible, humorous writing that you can beat in under five hours. Plus it’s only $14.99 on the eShop so whether you pick it up now or when it goes on sale, definitely do one or the other.

  • And yo, check out that Beyoncé documentary on Netflix. It’s one of the best live performances i’ve ever seen and the behind the scenes stuff behind it just makes it that much more monumental.

And now, onto one of my favorite weeks in pop culture in recent memory:

  • First off, Monday the most simple but addicting game I’be ever played, Ding Dong XL comes to Switch. I’d like to believe Kinda Funny and IGN’s Game Scoop had a lot to do with that. It’ll probably be mad cheap so you should absolutely pick that up.

  • Mortal Kombat 11 comes out this Thursday and from everything I’ve seen, it looks like it’s probably going to the best of the series. I’m only hesitant on picking it up because of three reasons. 1) I’m closing on a house in like three weeks and need to save as much money as I can. 2) Days Gone comes out three days later and I won’t have time for both. And 3) I love Smash Ultimate so much that if I never purchased or played another fighting game for the rest of my life I’d probably be okay with that.

  • Also on Tuesday is a new series from Detroiters’ Tim Robinson on Netflix called I Think You Should Leave. It’s apparently a sketch comedy show with a bunch of guests and I’m pretty excited for it.

  • And finally, not included on this list, Kevin Abstract is releasing an album next week featuring the six songs he’s released thus far. The only reason I didn’t include it was because I have no idea when it’s coming. Probably Friday, but the last couple weeks he’s release music on Thursdays so who even knows at this point. Also, Taylor Swift has something planned for Friday as well. Whether she’s planning a traditional rollout with a single and video launching on Friday with an album coming this Summer or she’s just shadow-dropping - that’s beyond me. Probably the former - either way, hype is fun.

  • Speaking of music, confirmed for Friday are new albums from Schoolboy Q and Local Natives which I’m excited to check out as well. Schoolboy Q specifically as I’ve loved the two singles he’s released so far and I feel like he’s such an underrated talent.

  • As for games, one of my most anticipated games of the year, Days Gone, releases on Friday and my hopes are extremely high that it’s a really, really solid game. I’m not expecting a 10/10 masterpiece, but I am expecting a really great 8/10 game with an interesting, fast moving open world. I’m looking forward to talking all about it with Alex during the next Party Crashers podcast.

  • And last but sure-as-shit not least, Avengers: Endgame finally releases this week and pretty much everyone here at Rosemary Media is out of this world excited for how they will close out this series of films. The plan right now is to do some final predictions during this weeks Funny Business podcast and then once we all see the movie we want to do an Impressions podcast with Alex. There will be so much to talk about that it has to exist on it’s own so it will most likely be an After Hours special.

BIG WEEK Y’ALL. I can hardly contain my excitement for half of this shit.