Rosemary Radar (4/8/19)

Anderson .Paak made out of cardboard.

In the last eight days I recorded five different podcasts and not that it's hard work or anything, but I feel exhausted. Maybe it's also because I slept for four hours last night due to WrestleMania running until 12:30 AM. Either way, we have SO MUCH stuff for you to listen to so dive in!

  • My first music recommendation this week are very obviously the new singles from Vampire Weekend. These will be the last two we get before the album releases next month and they do not disappoint. I couldn't be happier with the way this album is turning out.

  • My second is the new album from PUP which I didn't expect to like too much but was pleasantly surprised - it's an extremely fun and enjoyable listen that reminds me of a goofball version of Japandroids.

  • For my recommendation on what you should watch I went with Shazam. Even though I didn't get a chance to see it this weekend, the reviews have been so positive and I'm just so excited that it seems that DC made a good movie. I'm going to try to see it this week so Casey and I can discuss it on The Morning Brew this week.

  • The game I chose to recommend is actually one that came out the week before last but was overlooked by Yoshi - MLB The Show 19 is the best Baseball sim that money can buy. It's an addicting, fun, exciting game that any Baseball fan can enjoy.