Rosemary Radar (5/20/19)

It's time for another Disney live action remake!

Hey guys, Game of Thrones is over. That doesn't mean much to me but it does to MANY other people. Including Kevin - you can read his thoughts on the finale over on our Features page.

But that's in the past now and this post is about looking forward to the future! We're another week closer to E3 so don't expect too much to happen in the name of video games but that's only one medium! Hopefully we'll get some album announcements, movie trailers and other surprises to guide us through these last couple weeks of May and we'll be sure to stay as on top of that stuff as we can. Although I am possibly moving this week so maybe I won't be as on top of it as I'd like to be. But I digress.

Also, this weeks Morning Brew was tons of fun and if you've yet to listen to an episode of it, you really should. Again, head on over to our Features page and check that out as well. I think you'll really enjoy it.

Now - let's talk about this week.

  • On Tuesday, Resident Evil Origins releases on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch which is mostly cool because of the Nintendo Switch version - Resident Evil 4 on the go? Sign me up!

  • Team Sonic Racing is also coming out but damn, man. We've got Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Switch which is arguably the best kart racer of all time outside of Mod Nation Racers (seriously, fight me on it) and we've also got Crash Team Racing coming out in a month or so which is the next runner up. So do we need this? Maybe now. But, sure, let's do it.

  • Also on Tuesday is Everybody's Golf in VR which sounds amazing as well as Dauntless coming to PS4 and Xbox One which looks like a good time as well.

  • Viceland is continuing their trend of putting out solid wrestling-inspired programming with The Wrestlers starting on Wednesday - I'm very interested in what that show is going to consist of.

  • I feel like an asshole but I don't exactly know what that Red Nose Day Special is on NBC but it's definitely important so you should turn in the same way that I am and find out.

  • Make some room in your end of the year lists because Flying Lotus and Steve Lacy are both releasing new albums that are sure to be excellent.

  • I hope Aladdin is good but I'm cautious about this one - same for Booksmart which actually looks a lot more promising. I guess we'll wait and see but I still haven't seen god damn Detective Pikachu so I'm SLACKING.

  • Rim of the World sounds like I could fall in love with it as well but like most things, I want to see reviews first. I feel like there's just so much stuff out in the world that I can't waste my time on 6's and 7's. There's just so many 8's, 9's and 10's out there that I haven't even given my complete attention to yet.

That's about it! E3 is so close I can taste it and while I may have said in the beginning of this post that I didn't expect much news to come out this week, I do expect some leaks to happen because they aaaalways do.

What a time to be alive.