Rosemary Radar (5/20/19)

It's time for another Disney live action remake!

Hey guys, Game of Thrones is over. That doesn't mean much to me but it does to MANY other people. Including Kevin - you can read his thoughts on the finale over on our Features page.

But that's in the past now and this post is about looking forward to the future! We're another week closer to E3 so don't expect too much to happen in the name of video games but that's only one medium! Hopefully we'll get some album announcements, movie trailers and other surprises to guide us through these last couple weeks of May and we'll be sure to stay as on top of that stuff as we can. Although I am possibly moving this week so maybe I won't be as on top of it as I'd like to be. But I digress.

Also, this weeks Morning Brew was tons of fun and if you've yet to listen to an episode of it, you really should. Again, head on over to our Features page and check that out as well. I think you'll really enjoy it.

Now - let's talk about this week.