Rosemary Radar (5/27/19)

This week is all about ROCKETMAN (and David Letterman, I suppose).

I know I said this last week - and every week since we’ve started doing this podcast - but this week’s episode of The Morning Brew is the best one yet. So many funny moments and I got to rave about my new favorite game of the year - Katana Zero.

This week I’m finally moving so there may be a sever lack of content being posted during the process but that’s going to be okay because once we’re settled into our new place, I’ll have a much better setup and the ability to produce more streams, more live shows and some other stuff we’ve been talking about for a while now (like That 90’s Show - it’s coming, I promise).

First things first though, E3 is right around the corner. Alex and I have one more episode of Party Crashers that we need to record before doing our E3 predictions so the plan right now is to get that done this week so we can record the E3 predictions a week from today. Time is moving too fast and I’m trying to keep up but it’s proving to be impossible.

Also, it’s kind of a perfect week to move because there’s also not much going on - maybe it’s because E3 is so close or maybe it’s just because it’s almost Summer and the universe wants you to go outside.

Either way -

  • Layers of Fear 2 is getting great reviews so far so if you’re into spookies and looking for a good scare in the month of May - go for it!

  • Archer: 1999 looks nostalgic and fun - truthfully, I’ve never actually watched much Archer. I’ve seen maybe a collective twenty minutes of the show in my lifetime but maybe this sort of shakeup is a good starting point for me to start - we’ll see.

  • Outer Wilds continues to intrigue me and the fact that its launching on Xbox Game Pass on day one is just incredible. I’m excited to take a look at it as soon as I get the chance.

  • A new season of My Next Guest w/ David Letterman hits Netflix on Friday and he’s got Kanye West on an episode. That kind of makes me nervous considering you know the Trump situation is going to get brought up and Kanye has a tendency to stumble over his words when put on the spot and say things that can get taken the wrong way so I’m just not ready for the headlines after everyone watches it.

  • Rocketman looks amazing and the reviews so far seem to show us that it may just be as good as it looks. I cannot wait to see it this weekend and have a good feeling it’ll end up in my top five favorite films by the end of the year. Move over, Bohemian Rhapsody.

  • And finally, Trover Saves the Universe is obviously going to be a hilariously fun PSVR game but what I didn’t know was that this game is also playable just on your PS4 normally? That’s dope. I’m gonna wait to to see some reviews to see if it’s worth pickup up right now but if it is, you bet that ass I’m diving in.

Simple week but a fun one nonetheless. The weather is starting to warm up just enough where you don’t need to look forward to a plethora of indoor things because you have bikes to ride and skateboards to flip and badminton to play. Have a safe one!