Rosemary Radar (5/6/19)

If you don't see Detective Pikachu you're denying yourself of pure joy.

I just want to start off by saying that even though I only allow myself one slot for my recommendation on what you should watch, you should also watch Tuca & Bertie which is the best new show on Netflix. Just excellent stuff - clever writing, really light-hearted, relatable and just hilarious. If you’re a fan of either BoJack Horseman or Broad City you should absolutely check this show out.

Aside from that, Casey and I had such a good episode of The Morning Brew yesterday. We’re trying to make it a point to talk more about pop culture news and stories that happen throughout the week so it’s a nice balance of our impressions that we have about new releases as well and I think we hit the mark this week. Some crazy news happens, some amazing releases came out and we had a lot of fun discussing it all. That episode is available now on our podcast page, Apple Podcasts or SoundCloud.

Let’s go over some recommendations:

  • Last week my without-a-doubt album of the year was released in Vampire Weekend’s Father of the Bride. It’s a wonderful blend of indie pop and that sort of Beeatles/Beach Boys retro sound that fits perfectly with this time of year. And I know what you’re thinking - hasn’t that always been Vampire Weekend’s vibe? True, it has - but this time it definitely feels different. It’s more subtle, it’s more laid back, the songs aren’t as in-your-face as they were before and instead that drift along casually in the best way possible.

  • No Rome’s new EP Crying In The Prettiest Places was also released and blends two totally different genres - modern pop/r&b music and the emo guitars of bands like My Bloody Valentine. These Dirty Hit artists just like to do whatever they want and this is further proof that they are the best label in the industry.

  • And like I stated at the start of this post, you should also watch Tuca & Bertie, BUT, my recommendation this week just had to go to Long Shot which my wife and I watched in theaters on Saturday night. It’s a delightful, raunchy comedy that has more heart than most comedies I’ve seen recently. It’s definitely in my top three films I’ve seen thus far this year and if you’ve seen enough of showings of Endgame already, do it in the theaters.

  • I had to go back and check what my game recommendation for this month was because for me, it isn’t exactly new. The Swords of Ditto was released on the Nintendo Switch finally alongside a new update, Mormo’s Curse, that’s also available for free on the PS4. It’s one of my favorite games ever simply because of how childlike and charming that it is and I’m so happy it’s out on the Switch because it feels like the perfect home for this title.

Nowwwwww let’s look at this week!

  • Shakedown Hawaii looks awesome! I’ve been waiting for this game ever since it was announced like two years ago. I’ll probably pick it up on Switch and give it a go this week so hopefully I’ve got some impressions prepared for

  • I have yet to see second Lego Movie so now that I see it’s coming out on DVD & Blu-Ray I’m excited to possibly check that out this week. It feels like a Summer-y type of movie and now that the weather is finally getting better it feels like the perfect time to check it out.

  • The middle of this week looks a little dead but Friday looks to be somewhat of a saving grace for us - a new season of Easy hits Netflix with probably a lot more sex and stuff as well as Wine Country which looks pretty interested.

  • New albums from Defeater, Mac DeMarco, The Get Up Kids and Jamila Woods this week and honestly I may actually be most excited for The Get Up Kids. I’m very intrigued thinking about what they are capable of in 2019.

  • Saints Row on the Switch seems like a really fun fit. I don’t believe and open world exploration, cause mayhem in a city type of game currently exists on the platform outside of that one open world Lego game so I think a lot of people will really enjoy this game that possibly missed it during it’s initial release, or that want to revisit it since it’s been so long.

  • And lastly, of course - Detective Pikachu is coming, y’all. I’m going to be super busy next weekend so honestly I’m not even sure when I’ll be seeing it yet but I HAVE to. I’ll make it happen. Probably Saturday night.

That’s it, guys! Have a safe week, enjoy the weather and thank the heavens that you aren’t having to pack and clean and move and plan a garage sale like I have to. The worst.