Rosemary Radar (6/24/19)

Dumbo, a Democratic Presidential Debate, Yesterday & Super Mario Maker 2!

Crash Team Racing is fucking hard, man. That’s all I have to say after this weekend. It’s way harder than Mario Kart and when I play online all the other players are bouncing up and down constantly and I have no idea why. Somebody tell me why.

But actually, just kidding - that’s not all I have to say because I also saw Toy Story 4 on Thursday night which was fantastic, funny, heartfelt and just as good as any of the other three entries in the series. Highly recommended.

And I also saw Death Cab for Cutie on Friday night which was equally as wonderful. That band puts on an amazing show and hearing some of these songs live after playing them to death over the last decade of my life was so, so rewarding. Definitely catch them on tour if you ever get the chance. They didn’t play A Lack of Color though soooo maybe next time.

Listen to this week’s Morning Brew for some more in-depth impressions of these things.

Onward to the week ahead!

• Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is out on Switch on Tuesday. Apparently we had to wait an extra few days for the handheld version but from what I’ve heard, the game rules and it’ll be worth the extra time.

• The Democratic Presidential Debate is Wednesday and my wife and I are planning on paying close attention to this one. It’s going to be an interesting year and a half as we approach November 2020 and every one of these things are crucial to everyone making the correct decision.

• Thom Yorke surprised everyone by announcing a new album last week that’s out on Thursday - not Friday - Thursday. Alongside it will be a Netflix film-of-sorts that I think is a cartoon or something? Either way, I’m excited for it. I hope it launches to the top of my album of the year list.

• Yesterday hits theaters on Friday and looks to be one of the most unique movies of the year. It has a plot like no movie I’ve ever seen in that it puts us within a universe where the Beatles didn’t exist but one man rememberers them — and then steals their music to perform himself. I hope I get a chance to check this one out.

• And lastly, Super Mario Maker 2 releases on Friday and I promise you that when I post my half-year lists on the website a week from today, it’ll be number one. There’s no way it won’t be. Mario Maker was perfect and this one is even more perfect-er. Brilliant game. So excited.

That’s it, guys. Casey and I might put together a stream tonight so stay tuned for that if we do - I think we’ll be playing a little The Crew 2 since both of us have been itching to get back in there so turn those Twitch notifications on. We’ll also probably be recording hella podcasts this week so expect those sometime next week once I get them edited and stuff. SO MUCH TO DO.