Rosemary Radar (6/3/19)

Some cool stuff releasing this week while we wait for E3 to start!

Whew. I just spent the last four days moving into our new house and at this point I think I just want to live here forever because fuck ever having to move ever again. Due to this, we weren't able to put together a Morning Brew yesterday but that's fine! We had been talking about taking a week off because of the move for quite some time and instead we did an hour or so of a Titanfall 2 stream so I could test out my internet connection in this house and make sure we're good to go when the show returns next Sunday.

Something that isn't on this list is the Pokemon Direct on Wednesday - don't forget about that one! We'll find out a lot about Sword & Shield and I can't wait. It has the potential to be my favorite game of the year despite some gripes I had with the initial trailer. Other contenders being Jedi Fallen Order, Death Stranding and Borderlands 3.

Also not mentioned above - IT'S THE WEEK BEFORE E3. Conferences and live streams and all that jazz officially begin this Saturday and we still have to do our predictions. They're coming this week! I promise! So excited.

  • WWDC 2019 is today and Apple's conference begins at 1 PM EST. Trying to plan my lunch break around this shit so I can be hope to watch it. Really interested to see what they'll do with the iOS this year as well as maybe a deeper dive into their tv and game services.

  • Batman vs Ninja Turtles is a thing. So you can buy that and watch it on Tuesday apparently.

  • I have no idea what "Fat City" is because I didn't look it up but I may just purchase it on Thursday based on the title alone. I just want people to see "Fat City" when I turn on my Switch on a stream or something.

  • Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City is coming to Netflix Friday and I'm really intrigued by it. Hopefully it gets good reviews - I didn't read the novel but hey, sounds cool.

  • I Am Mother is about some alien bullshit so you know I'm definitely into that too. Thank you Netflix.

  • The Chef Show looks like tons of fun as well - Jon Favreau is a great director and seems like a great dude and the guest list looks fun so I'm super into it.

  • New albums from Yeasayer and Silversun Pickups should be good - I'm not sure they can break into a top ten or anything for me but I'm still looking forward to giving them a listen.

  • Jonas Brothers new albums is obviously gonna be full of jams.

Alright guys - Apple news, Pokemon Direct, E3 coming in hot. Let's fucking go.