Rosemary Radar (7/1/19)

This Independence Day things are going to get..strange(r).

Happy early fourth of July, everybody! It's a big week, not in the amount of things being released or debuting, but in that one of the biggest shows of the year is getting a new season on Netflix and I can. not. wait. If I didn't already have prior engagements and half of a heart I would have abandoned everything and stayed inside and binged this thing for a couple days but instead, I suppose I'll swim in the water and eat a hamburger or two. Fine.

But really, other than that - there's not much going on this week as holiday weeks are always pretty slow. But regardless, let's briefly take a look at what we're in for.

• . Now, from what I've been told, Spider-Man: Far From Home is actually releasing on Tuesday instead of Friday but I'm not certain if that's across every theater or only certain one's so I left it on for Friday - but check your local listings as you may be able to see it a few days early. It looks to be a fantastic addition to the MCU and I can't wait to get into it this week.

• . Sea of Solitude is releasing on PS4 and Xbox One on Friday and I'm very interested to see how this game will review. I loved what I saw at E3 last year and if this does well I am absolutely going to pick it up and give it a play-through.

• . Midsommar could be one of my favorite films of the year but I'm not sure I'll get a chance to see it in theaters with everything else going on and also trying to fit in time to play Mario Maker and do things like golf and drink beers by the water.

• . Of course, as stated early, the third season of Stranger Things is being released on Netflix on Thursday but also the corresponding video game launches on all platforms the same day so you can literally spend your entire weekend getting lost in this world even after you finish the season. Huzzah!

Truly, that's all that matters. Also, don't think I'm actually excited about a Machine Gun Kelly album - I just needed to fill a space since I couldn't find anything else releasing that day.