Rosemary Radar (7/15/19)

Frankenstein's Monster's Monster, Frankenstein is the real title of a thing you should watch.

I spent basically the entire weekend continuing to move into my house that I actually moved into over a month ago. Because like they always say when you purchase a house - the work is never actually done. So we decorated our bedroom, painted the kitchen, mowed the lawn, I tended to my pumpkins, etc.

Essentially, I've done enough work for a little while and now I'm ready to play some games, work on some music and do fun things. Catch Casey and I on Rosemary Plays over at around 5 PM EST and we'll be playing something for you all to watch. And hopefully we'll get a bunch of clips so we can get together a highlight reel on YouTube this week as well.

Also, I made a prediction on The Morning Brew this week that Chance the Rapper is gonna release his new album this Friday so I really hope that pans out for me so I can bump that motherfucker while playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 this weekend.

On with the week! (Spoiler: it's pretty meh)

• On Tuesday this special is showing up on Netflix called Frankenstein's Monster's Monster, Frankenstein is being released and it comes from some writers and directors of Arrested Development and features Hopper from Stranger Things. I don't understand what it's going to be at all but I'm excited.

• Shazam is out on Blu-Ray on Tuesday as well and that movies such a fun little ride - if you haven't seen it yet, definitely rent it or something and give it a watch.

• The Lion King releases on Friday and reviews..aren't great. Which is hella disappointing seeing it as the director and voice actors involved with this film are all completely wonderful. But it's a live action remake of a beloved animated comedy - when has that ever given us a 10/10 product? Never that I can remember - people have their preconceived notions from the get-go and they're pretty unavoidable so you just have to take this movie for what it is and enjoy the nostalgia. Beyonce's Lion King-inspired album releases that day also.

• This Week at the Comedy Cellar starts back up on Comedy Central this Friday also - my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed watching this last time it was on and I'm glad it's back. Some of these up and coming comics are as good as it gets.

• And last thing I want to talk about, er, remind you of - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 comes out exclusively on the Nintendo Switch and it looks like tons of fun. Not the most expansive game of all time, certainly not the most challenging but sometimes in the midst of all of these expansive, challenging games you just want something simple you can sink your teeth into, smash up some enemies and just relax and have a good time with and this seems like exactly that.

That's it! We hope to get in a couple streams this week - I'm working on some new artwork for them and we've got a few YouTube videos we're planning out in the works as well. Exciting stuff!

See you guys soon.