Rosemary Radar (8/12/19)

Endgame: Beyond!

This is a fun week. Honestly the past couple I've felt were kind of duds - not that there weren't great things being released but it was like - one or two things per week, both on the same day. So you'd have four days of normalcy which is BLASPHEMY. We need new content! We need new media! On a DAILY basis. (I hope you know that I'm exaggerating -- kinda.)

But for real - I'm loving this new Bon Iver album. Although both that and Clairo definitely feel like Fall records to me so even though they're already two of the best album of the year, I know that they'll hit even harder in the next couple of months.

As for this week though - we've got Endgame coming to DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K on Tuesday and I gotta say - I'm a little disappointed that I haven't seen either a box set with all of the films leading up to Endgame or at the very least an Infinity War/Endgame combo pack. I held out on buying Infinity War exactly for this reason! Oh well, maybe they're saving it for a holiday release.

Friday the 13th on the Switch is awesome. That game is still tons of fun even if the developers aren't allowed to add anything new to it. It's spooky, entertaining to play, entertaining to watch and is probably the most "halloween" feeling game in existence outside of Costume Quest.

No Man's Sky is legitimately the biggest redemption story in gaming history. It's like if all the sudden the makers of that shit E.T game made a GTA clone and everybody loved it. When No Man's Sky was released it was a colossal disappointment - Hello Games essentially lied to us all about what the game was capable of doing but over the course of the last couple years they've completely turned that around and made the game everything they said it would be and then some. I can't wait to see everything that included in Beyond. And by the looks of that video IGN posted on Friday, it's....a lot.

And on Friday we have the Invader Zim movie finally hitting Netflix - hopefully it's every bit as good as the Rocko one. Then we have Good Boys hitting theaters - what I'm hoping is the best comedy of the year. And of course, the new Oso Oso album which I have written a review for that you can read on your main page!

Spoiler: it's great.